Top Four Physical Assets to Invest in and Why

Top Four Physical Assets to Invest in and Why
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    A lot of attention is given to investments such as stocks and bonds, but very few financial planners spend a lot of time discussing physical assets.


These investments are things that can actually be touched; as opposed to financial assets that are really just a couple of slips of paper or a file in a computer. Physical assets can be more difficult to manage than non-physical ones, but they are also great choices for anyone who is not familiar with the world of electronic investment. Historically, these investments are also very slow to lose value, and they hardly ever have a value that comes close to zero. If you’re looking for a place to put your cash, consider these four physical assets.

1. Real estate

This was one of the first investments that people ever made, but it’s easy to see why it has endured for centuries. Owning property requires only a small upfront investment of your own capital, and it’s fairly simple to find a loan to cover the cost of the rest. Money can be made by buying and selling or through renting out the property. Furthermore, this is an investment that most people are familiar with; if you own your own home then you’ve invested in real estate.

2. Gold coins

Gold became an extremely popular investment several years ago, causing prices to reach record highs. As its popularity is declining, the price has come down, making now the time to buy. Gold has historically been a hedge against inflation, so investing between five and ten percent of your total portfolio is a good idea. You can often buy gold in Washington DC in a pawn shop or even online. Gold coins have value both as historical pieces and as bouillon, making them a less risky way to expose your portfolio to this field.

3. Art

While many people think of art collections as a hobby for the very rich, the truth is that these assets have some of the highest rates of return of any physical investment. While it is important to learn a lot about the market before jumping in, it’s also possible to get started for just a few dollars.

4. Franchises

If you want to own a business but don’t know where to start, franchise can be a good solution. These business are typically operated by large corporations who provide training as well as top-notch research into your potential market and competition. Furthermore, many franchises can be run by a manager, making it possible to own several locations at the same time.

Many investors have very diverse portfolios when it comes to stocks and bonds, but aren’t taking full advantage of all available options. Investing in physical assets can be a great option. Physical assets aren’t likely to lose value quickly or crash, so they are generally a good investment option.


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