How to Fertilize a Garden Inexpensively

How to Fertilize a Garden Inexpensively
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    By early spring, garden centers are mobbed by people picking up plants, considering various kinds of grass seed and deciding what types of fertilizer to get for their lawn and gardens.


Fertilizer can be very expensive, a cost you can reduce by considering other options, especially for the garden.

Let’s take a look at some ways you fertilize your garden inexpensively:

Till it yourself. Loosen your garden’s soil to provide aeration and to accept fertilizer. Remove debris including old compost as you ready your garden for fertilizer.

Make it yourself. You may already have the basic ingredients for making fertilizer and you won’t have to wait weeks or months for compost to be useable in your garden. Writing for Mother Earth News, Steve Solomon advises gardeners to use seed meal, various kinds of lime, bone meal and kelp meal to make their own mixture of plant food.[1]

Beg, borrow or steal. Well, don’t steal! However, if your personal supply of ingredients is limited, consider asking neighbors for some of the missing components, offering to supply a “serving” of fertilizer for their own gardens. Check with your town — some locales feature community gardens, places where scores of gardeners work to sow and maintain their own plots. One or more gardeners may be able to supply you with what you need.

Plan for the future. Beyond your initial need for fertilizer, you’ll be needing more as the weeks and months pass by. Now is the time to develop your own “endless” supply of fertilizer by putting together a compost heap. As important as the ingredients are in a compost pile or container is its moisture, oxygen and temperature — finding the right balance will make composting easier for you, providing a generous supply of nutrient rich materials for your garden throughout the warmer months.[2]

Certainly, go ahead and purchase your fertilizer if you are so inclined. Seasonal sales can reduce the price as can splitting your costs with a friend or neighbor.


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[2] How to Build Your Compost Pile

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