8 Necessary Steps to Start a Photography Blog

8 Necessary Steps to Start a Photography Blog
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    The advantages of beginning a photography blog are well worth the effort for many photographers.


By Amy J. Silver

If you choose to make this effort, you will find increased business, make contacts, and express yourself while learning more about your profession.

Whether you’re well-informed about the blogging atmosphere or know little, here are eight simple steps that can get you on your way to your own photography blog:

1. Find Your Audience

Do you want to appeal to clients or to the whole photography community? This is an important step that will define your efforts, as well as everything from your domain name to topics that you write about.

2. Have a Theme

Building off of the first step, you will need a theme to base your efforts upon. The graphics, layout, and content of your site will need to be directed towards the theme of your site. For instance, if your target is clients needing wedding photography, perhaps you will want a site based on how to find a quality wedding photographer. You’ll be helping customers that could enjoy your examples and advice.

3. Decide on a Blogging Platform and Style

Whether you go with WordPress or something else, you will need a platform and some kind of graphical theme (which is often found within the platform, for free and for paid).

4. Choose a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Software

Once you choose a platform, you will want to upload your website, graphics, and content. FileZilla is an example of a program that can make FTP uploads easy. FTP uploads is something you will become accustomed to doing with your blog.

5. Outline the Structure and Content

Based on your theme, you will need some unique categories to classify your content. Add in some static pages (about, contact, etc.), and you will be on your way to organizing your photography blog.

6. Begin Writing Content

When your blog launches, you will want some content to be present. Have a few pieces ready to be read in each category (at least 10 or so), and make sure to have the static pages completed.

7. Reach Out to Social Networks and Other Outlets

You’ll want to be present on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and others. Include them on your photography blog and don’t forget about other markets, such as niche forums that can help you gain exposure.

8. Launch

Launch your new photography blog! Market, write, and enjoy your achievement. By this time, you should have set a writing/marketing schedule to make use of your time.

While a photography blog is certainly an investment in time (and money), it can be a great move for your business and, of course, yourself. Don’t get too caught up in the tech side of things if that makes you uncomfortable. Plugins, graphics, and other elements will come together in time.

With these steps, you will be on your way to owning and hosting your own photography blog. Take your time, plan, and don’t over-exert yourself too much. This is a long-term endeavor, so enjoy the process!


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