3 Top Adventure Holidays for Disabled Travellers

3 Top Adventure Holidays for Disabled Travellers


By Duncan Heath

Traditionally, disabled travellers have been stuck with some very basic and mundane travel options as a result of travel and accommodation businesses not being geared up for anything ‘off the beaten track’. Thankfully, times they are a-changin’ and there are many more choices for disabled adventurers now.

It’s worth quickly pointing out that there are obviously varying degrees of disability and what might be suitable for one person might not necessarily be suitable for someone else. The adventure ideas below are suitable for a wide range of disabilities and there are many similar alternatives for those who are not able to do these.


It is often advised not to exit your vehicle when on safari as there is a wide variety of animals that can intentionally or unintentionally injure or kill you.  Safari parks are designed for cars/trucks with plenty of roads leading to the best viewing spots, including watering holes and elevated positions. When on safari you’ll find that the large majority of your time is spent in your vehicle and so the experience is relatively the same for abled and disabled holiday makers.

If you are incredibly brave or just a little stupid, there are companies that offer wheelchair treks through the undergrowth along well maintained paths with guides who claim to be able to scare away dangerous animals. I’m not too sure how confident they are about scaring away a rhino though!

Scuba Diving

It’s probably not the first activity that would spring to mind when you consider activities for the disabled, but if you think about it scuba diving makes perfect sense. Get the buoyancy right and any diver can experience a feeling of weightlessness, which dramatically minimises the impact of any most physical disabilities.

There is a whole undiscovered world under the sea that is really something you need to experience. Thankfully, there are more and more companies popping up at the main tourist spots that can offer the right training and have the correct insurance to cover most people.  So there really is no excuse…unless you are hydrophobic.


There are few experiences quite as exhilarating as cruising the open seas with the sun on your face and wind in your hair (providing you have some).  Disability sailing is one activity that has been around for quite a while and this means that there are lots of opportunities to give it a go. Furthermore, through careful monitoring of standards and practices by governing bodies, it is now one of the safest activities to take part in for disabled individuals.

Most local sailing clubs will be able to put you in touch with disabled sailing specialists or you can check out the International Association for Disabled Sailing for more information.

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Duncan Heath is a travel enthusiast and writer for a company in the UK offering gites in France. He believes travel should be available to anyone and everyone who wants it.

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