The Best of 2009

The Best of 2009


Our top five articles for the year

What exactly makes a website tick? In other words, why are some people drawn to one website and not to another one?

2009Well, there are a number of factors which can help answer those questions including inbound and outbound link strategies, social networking, advertising, and just plain ‘ole luck. But what really matters is having great content, information that will cause people who find your site in the first place to return again and again and again.

We like to think that offers solid information to our readers in the form of timely tips, helpful news, good advice on the things that matter most to them. We wouldn’t know this for sure unless our traffic reports indicated the same which brings us to the point of this article: a recap of our top five articles for 2009, light reading for your Christmas Day pleasure.

Turn Your Garage Into Valuable Living Space – One of our top articles in 2008 was the clear winner in 2009, drawing in four times the amount of traffic as the second most popular article. We think we know why too: out of all the home renovations people might undertake in a recession, taking existing storage space within your home and converting it to living space is the most affordable improvement project out there.

Home Mortgage Rates Expected To Drop Below 5% Soon – When we published this article at the beginning of the year, the worst of the recession was being felt. Homes were being lost to foreclosure, jobs were disappearing, and people were desperate. Many people still are.

7 Ways To Reduce Home Electricity Consumption – If you’re going to save money, cutting back on your daily expenses can help you achieve just that. Your electrical consumption can spell the difference between finishing the month positively or finding yourself slipping behind. Fortunately, energy efficiency pays huge dividends and is less taxing on the environment.

Check Engine Light On? You Can Turn It Off! – Car maintenance is costly and can set you back $80 or more just to have a mechanic tell you what the message code means when your check engine light comes on. Spend about that same amount and you can get a tool that tells you the same thing, saving you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Laying A Sure Home Foundation – One of the oldest articles on SayEducate is one published in November 2007 shortly after we launched this site. Why is it still popular? Probably because hope springs eternal: as long as people dream, they like to dream big. And, building a new home is as important for some people today as it ever was.

That’s it – our top five articles for the year soon to end. Merry Christmas and a have a wonderful 2010!


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