Is The Obama Administration Fighting Against Americans?

Is The Obama Administration Fighting Against Americans?


Supporters of the president seem to be defensive over dissent.

Dissent is the American way of life. For more than two centuries, Americans have spoken out about what they believe, have challenged others in their beliefs and have accepted (though not always agreed with) the various points of views being espoused. Even when the battle is heated, most Americans acknowledge that the First Amendment found in the Constitution of the United States means that people can say pretty much what is on their minds, with very few exceptions to that rule.

President Barack Hussein Obama

President Barack Hussein Obama

One of the champions of the constitution is the executive branch, which consists of the president and vice-president of the United States of America. This branch, along with the judicial (U.S. Supreme Court) and legislative (Congress which includes the House of Representatives and the Senate), oversee our way of lives no matter how imperfect they are lived.

This past January, when Barack Hussein Obama ascended to the presidency and Joe Biden to the vice-presidency, the executive branch changed with some of the legislative branch changing too. A much more liberal group of politicians took over, people who were given a mandate to change the status quo by introducing new ideas which Americans were told would improve our way of life.

Some of what the Obama administration has had to deal with were inherited by the Bush administration including a recession, conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, financial woes and more. Clearly, a new administration had a lot on its plate, but with a vision the future, Congress and the president began to implement new policies which have driven our national debt into unchartered territory.

Indeed, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner recently petitioned Congress to lift the cap on our debt which currently stands at 12.1 trillion dollars. The debt ceiling is a discipline that Congress puts on the Treasury to hold back spending. But with both the legislative and executive branches planning to spend trillions of dollars more, that ceiling is likely to be pushed ever higher, putting a tremendous burden on taxpayers as well as leaving an awful legacy to our children and grandchildren to handle.

Americans, who have been largely silent about the rapid run up in national debt, are beginning to respond and their reactions have been swift, loud and confident. But it is this emerging group of informed citizenry that has the Obama administration unglued, who thought that they could push their agenda through without opposition. That reaction from Americans, people whom the president is sworn to protect and represent, has brought about several unpresidential responses from the White House including:

When the White House learned that some Americans were distributing what they have called “fishy” information about the planned national health care bill, White House staff asked people to finger their fellow Americans by forwarding these details to Unfortunately, that request evoked cries of “spying” by opponents and remarks by legal analysts who determined that the campaign was not only wrong, but possibly illegal.

The White House appears to be behind another campaign to discredit people who oppose Congress’ national health care bill, a 1017 page document that few of our political representatives had read. Terms such as “astro turf” have emerged to describe what some politicians consider to be an “artificial” campaign against national health care, something that the insurance companies or the GOP is behind, so they claim.

A top White House advisor, Van Jones, is behind a move to discredit Fox News’ Glenn Beck, an outspoken critic of the Obama administration. Jones, who is Obama’s green jobs czar (now thats a bit of controversy all by itself), has put pressure on Fox News advertisers to drop Beck. Geico is the first company who decided to withdraw their ads from Beck’s program. Oh, by the way, Jones is an avowed communist – not the best person to uphold our constitution!

Had former president George W. Bush even hinted at doing what the Obama administration has been doing against his fellow Americans, there would have been an uproar like never seen before with calls for Bush to apologize while Congress launched an investigation. But, with a man in office whose background includes Chicago-style thug politics, most of the media is silent, even complacent.

It is time for President Barack Hussein Obama to hit the reset button on his presidency by ordering his staff to cease and desist their attacks against Americans. Dissent, which is something that community organizer Obama was familiar with, is as American as apple pie. Now that his is our president, Mr. Obama needs to accept the will of the people even when then their viewpoints may run contrary to his own.

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