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Rising Unemployment Demonstrates Shallowness of America’s Recovery

Tweet Weak economy continues to plod along. The United States is supposed to be in the midst of an economic recovery, admittedly a very tepid one. However, for June 2011

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Final Month For Home Buyer Tax Credit

Tweet Four weeks from today, an important tax credit for home buyers will come to an end. On April 30, 2010, the deadline for “The Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance


The ObamaCare Express Cools…For Now

Tweet The pitched battle over health care has ended due to Congress working over the weekend to vote for the passage of what on the surface appears to be a

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Small Business Council Thumbs Down Health Care Bill

Tweet While members of Congress are euphoric over the passage of a trillion dollar health care bill, members of the small business community are expressing their disapproval. The bill, which

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Advocacy Group Marks One Year Stimulus Anniversary

Tweet Citizens Against Government Waste derides Obama Administration Spending Spree In cased you missed it, February 17 marked the one year anniversary of the passage of the Obama administration’s American

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Backdoor Taxes Loom Large

Tweet Obama administration seeks one trillion dollar stealth tax This past Monday the Obama administration unveiled its 2011 budget, revealing that the president plans to trim more than one trillion

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Congress Weighs Modified Home Buyer Tax Credit

Tweet Eligible first time home buyers have enjoyed an $8000 federal tax credit thanks to a program put into place earlier this year. That program comes to an end on

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House Sales Surge For September 2009

Tweet Sales of existing homes climbed by 9.4% in September, representing the strongest monthly increase in more than two years, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). With an

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Free Credit Reports & Where To Get Them

Tweet The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) through an act of Congress has authorized that all three major credit reporting bureaus provide one free copy of your credit report to you

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Home Loan Rates? Going Down!

Tweet If you’re looking for good news these days in the housing market, then you may have heard that home sales are up and prices have stabilized in some markets.


Is The Obama Administration Fighting Against Americans?

Tweet Supporters of the president seem to be defensive over dissent. Dissent is the American way of life. For more than two centuries, Americans have spoken out about what they

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Sunlight Foundation Promotes Political Transparency

Tweet Americans are easily upset when they learn that their elected officials aren’t being honest with them. Whether that means a bill is rushed through Congress without the chance of

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Smart Ways To Enact Real Health Care Reform

Tweet Yesterday, I published an article about the health care debate, from the stand point of the legislation winding its way through Congress. The bill being argued before members of

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Health Care Reform: What Is At Stake

Tweet For decades now, Americans have been hearing about health care reform but haven’t seen a comprehensive bill passed that will guarantee insurance for all citizens. We’ve seen Medicare and

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Taxpayers Group Objects To Coercive Health Plan Proposal

Tweet Words matter. They really do.  As does the lack of using the right words too. The National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF), a nonprofit, nonpartisan citizen group founded in 1969