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Realtor Group Urges Action Against Foreclosure Scams

Tweet You’re hanging onto your home with all of your energy, trying to keep up with payments despite having lost a significant chunk of your income due to a furlough.

Credit Cards

You Can Trim Your Credit Card Rate

Tweet Lots of people are infuriated with their banks as they learn that their credit card interest rates have suddenly climbed higher.  These consumers haven’t done anything wrong, having paid

Autos Express

VIN Cloning Latest Threat To Your Wallet

Tweet Police departments and offices of the state attorney generals are warning consumers about a newly emerging threat, this one involving the purchase of a used vehicle. It seems that


Is Tax Relief Really The American Way?

Tweet Look back over our nation’s history and you soon realize that taxation has always played a big role in how Americans define themselves. One of the reasons why the

Achieving Success

Achieving Success BLOG

Tweet BLOG postings: (link to Achieving Success BLOG for PDF downloads) Execute Success: The Evaluation Process I saw a fleet of fishing boats . . . I flew down almost

Consumer Tips Home Financing

Your Obligations May Not End With A Short Sale

Tweet For most Americans, these are certainly challenging times. Specifically, for the majority of people alive today, they have no remembrance of the last major recession, the sharp downturn of