Garden Edging For The Perfect Lawn!

Garden Edging For The Perfect Lawn!


Edging your garden is a job you can handle yourself or, as is shown in this picture, one best left in the hands of a professional landscaper.

Edging your garden is a job you can handle yourself or, as is shown in this picture, one best left in the hand's of a professional landscaper.

When I purchased my first house many years ago, I struggled to keep the lawn out of the garden and vice versa. Grass frequently invaded territory occupied by the flowers while some of my wildflowers were a bit too aggressive and hopped onto the lawn.

Separating Lawn & Garden

Keeping the lawn in shape gets to be a bit more challenging when no clear demarcation between lawn and garden exists. So, I did what lots of homeowners do: I used stones as edging to separate the garden from the lawn, creating an attractive and natural buffer between the two.

Getting stones was easy because my New Jersey property was full of them. But, I no longer live in the Garden State and have Carolina clay soil to contend with. This means that my next edging project will use other materials, perhaps abundant bricks, to form a much needed buffer on my property.

Lots Of Choices In Edging

I’ve been visiting my local big bog home center to get an idea of what to use and am almost overwhelmed by the number of choices available to me. Adirondack resin fencing, rolled bamboo and cedar landscape border are just a few of the choices. In addition, I found that plastic edging in a variety of styles seems to be popular as are curved timber garden borders, frame it all kits,  and many different variations on these themes.

Before you run out and purchase the first edging that piques your interest, consider an important point: what sort of visual appeal are you looking for? Some edging is subtle, doing its job of separating garden from lawn without bringing attention to itself. Other edging demands to be noticed, because of its sheer size or style or both. Imagine how the edging will look with your garden especially after you whip the latter into shape.

Hard Work Best Left To Professionals?

A few things to keep in mind with garden edging: the work can be very difficult and the results may not be what you expected. Always measure the length of the edging needed to complete the job and follow installation instructions precisely.

Some jobs involving the stacking of bricks and other heavy materials might best be left with a landscape professional. Many landscapers can get materials at wholesale prices which can offset some of the labor costs. Plus, they have all of the equipment to dig a trench, move dirt around, handle gravel, etc.

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