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Garden Edging For The Perfect Lawn!

Tweet When I purchased my first house many years ago, I struggled to keep the lawn out of the garden and vice versa. Grass frequently invaded territory occupied by the

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You Can Repair Your Garden Hose

Tweet Mention to someone that you’re repairing  a garden hose and you’ll probably get a “why bother?” reply. After all, when it comes to stuff you own around the home,

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Mulching For Beauty & Conservation

Tweet Garden beds all across the country are coming alive as the spring season advances. But that also means that weeds are sprouting alongside of flowers and watering will soon

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Shed Organizing 101

Tweet When we moved into our current home five years ago, tucked into one corner of the backyard was an aged aluminum shed. Five years later, that shed is still

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Invigorate Your Yard With A Garden Path

Tweet When I was a teenager, my town had a volunteer organization – Youth Employment Services (YES) – which helped local youth find temporary work with homeowners and small businesses.

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Your Mulch Primer For Fun Gardening

Tweet I am by no means an avid gardener. Though my parents had green thumbs and met while working at a seed company, I must not have spent too much