Is Your Home Plagued By Chinese Dry Wall?

Is Your Home Plagued By Chinese Dry Wall?


The news seems to be getting crazier as each day passes by. If it isn’t the poorly named stimulus package that is getting all of the attention, I don’t know what else is. Still, there are a number of different issues making it to the news including the peanut butter new homepaste salmonella crisis as well as another problem befalling certain homeowners: imported Chinese dry wall with the potential to make you sick.

Toxic Dry Wall From China

Yes, for some homeowners across the southern United States whose homes were built between 2005-2008, the dry wall used in their homes may cause health problems, particularly if it was imported from China.

According to Americas Watchdog, a consumer protection and corporate responsibility organization, “the potentially toxic Chinese dry wall was used all over the entire state of Florida, in Georgia, in the Carolinas and in all Gulf Coast states. We are particularly worried about New Orleans, because we lost so many houses there during and after Katrina. At the time I lived in New Orleans and I know how hard it was to get sheet rock, so we are 100% certain it’s in New Orleans on a large scale.”

Signs That Your Home Has Problems

Exactly what would be  some signs that a house might have the potentially toxic imported Chinese dry wall?

  • First the house was built or remodeled between 2005 and 2008
  • The house has a strong or noticeable smell of sulphur or rotten eggs.
  • The home has experienced repeated air conditioning coil issues or corrosion
  • The home’s occupants have experienced upper respiratory issues, nose bleeds, or other medical issues.
  • Young children or senior citizens may be the first to show signs of exposure to a home with the imported Chinese dry wall.

Take Action Now

According to the Homeowners Consumer Center, “we think we are going to end up with 25,000 to 50,000 US homes with the imported toxic Chinese dry wall. We believe long term exposure to this product could create serious health problems. If you even think you smell sulphur or rotten eggs in a house built, or remodeled between 2005 and 2008, in Florida, New Orleans, the West Coast, the East Coast, anywhere, please call us immediately at 866-714-6466 or contact us via our web site.

One final note: there are some who believe the problem of toxic Chinese dry wall may turn up in homes far from the southeastern US.  If your new home experiences similar problems, then call the toll free number today to share your concerns.

Source: America’s Watchdog

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