Quick & Easy Home Curb Appeal Tips

Quick & Easy Home Curb Appeal Tips


If you are planning to sell your home or simply looking to update its appearance, you probably understand just how important “curb appeal” is to everyone. Buyers will make a quick decision whether your home is worth looking at by the way that it appears from the street while you want to own a home that is your pride and joy.

Unless your home is dilapidated and requiring a complete renovation, you can handle most exterior home improvement jobs mulchyourself. If your home is somewhere between looking nice and looking awful, you can contract out some of the updates to quickly bring your house up to par.

Taking An Objective Look

Oftentimes we’re our own worst enemy to making changes that can benefit us. Usually, some emotional tie binds us to the way that something appears, causing us to hold on to things that are outdated, out of place, or simply ugly. Therefore, when you stand in front of your home, try to look at it from the vantage point of a complete stranger.

Are the windows dirty? You might not need to paint the outside trim around the windows, but cleaning the glass can work wonders. Clean windows reflect light and can create a special glow for any home, adding visual appeal to your residence.

Are the bushes overgrown? Your green thumb is very evident as your shrubbery can well attest. But, it could need trimming back, even require the removal of some plants. If bushes are blocking your view of the front door or providing cover for burglars, trim them back accordingly.

Is your lawn trimmed? You need not have a perfectly green and crab grass free lawn, but plugging holes and filling in bare spots with seed can enhance your home’s visual appeal. Keep your grass trimmed and orderly, rake up fall leaves, and do something about all of those dandelions!

Is your house number visible? If you have a rural mailbox, make sure that the house number can be read on it. These numbers should also be on your home and easily seen from the street. Painting or replacing of the same may be in order.

Are cracks evident? No, not in your home’s foundation which can be a problem, rather can they be seen in sidewalks and driveways? Unless actual pieces are missing, you won’t have to do a major repair, but leveling upraised concrete, patching macadam, and filling in cracks can bolster your home’s appearance, extend the life of your walkways, and protect people from falling.

Can flowers be seen? You don’t have to be a horticulturist nor do you need to be a gardener to have flowers planted in front of your home. Seasonally appropriate flowers (i.e., mums in the fall, crocuses in the spring, and carnations in the summer) add to your home’s visual appeal. Remove dead flowers at once; pull up weeds and consider putting down mulch.

Does furniture and lawn ornaments distract? We have a neighbor whose lawn is filled with ornamentation including statues, figurines, wind mills, you name it. To say that it is the talk of the neighborhood would be accurate! Clearly, one’s love of yard ornamentation should be limited to a few tasteful items and even then most are best placed quietly in an enclosed backyard. Don’t count on your buyers sharing the same tastes in outdoor furniture as you have!

Do your gutters overfloweth? Plant life is lovely, but not when mystery weeds grow out of your gutters. Gutters should be cleaned twice each year — in the Spring following tree budding and in the fall following the last leaf hitting the ground. Let your gutters do what they are meant to do: remove water not, serve as hanging gardens!

Getting Help As Needed

If your home improvement projects are a bit more difficult, then hire the right people to do the work. A home contractor can help bring your home up to par in no time and a quality home improvement site can provide the tips you need to take on your projects.

Improving your home’s visual appeal can take as little as a few hours to complete or up to a weekend’s worth of activity. Regardless of the work at hand, once you are done you’ll be left with a home that you can be proud of and a house that will appeal to potential buyers.


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