A Success Building BLOG (part V.b)

A Success Building BLOG (part V.b)


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Discipline for Success:

The Second Ingredient

“There is no substitute for hard work . . . Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration”.
Thomas Alva Edison

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How to Build Discipline

Changing your character and achieving your goals is like moving from point (A), who and where you are now, to point (B), who and where you would like to become. Imagine your character being shaped like a large, square stone made-up of physical, educational, social, and spiritual attributes.


To achieve the goals that you want in your life, you will need to move the stone (your character) along a goal path — meaning that you need to force your character to perform certain tasks.

You can visualize the difficulty in moving a large, square-shaped stone. You would need to exert a lot energy and discipline. Now imagine the ease to move along the same path if the stone were round. In fact, if the stone were perfectly round, the required energy to move along the path would be fairly efficient.


The illustration shows that if we had rounded characters, we would find it easier and more efficient to perform physical, educational, social, and spiritual tasks that achieve our goals.

Some of us may already have rounded characters. Most of us, unfortunately, are not so lucky and possess characters that are awkwardly shaped. For example, some people are physically strong and can achieve physical feats easily. But at the same time, they may lack educational and spiritual skills. Some people are educationally inclined, but may lack physical stamina and strength. Some people are virtuous and patient, but may be socially inept when facing social issues.

Character weaknesses such as social ineptness, physical weakness, lack of education, etc., are impediments that can obstruct our ability to achieve a goal. We are square-shaped stones trying to move along an inclined goal path.

Overcoming Our Character Impediments

When we overcome our impediments, or in better terms, when we develop and strengthen each character attribute, we chip away the square corners of our character and personality. Developing and strengthening the character attributes is like rounding our character: each attribute receiving equal attention and development. The more rounded we shape our character, the more efficient and discipline we become to move along the goal path — much like moving a rounded stone along an inclined path.

A person with a well-rounded character;

  • i) is physically strong and able;
  • ii) overcomes undesirable physical traits and habits;
  • iii) increases knowledge and aptitude in all subjects;
  • iv) is sociable and friendly;
  • and v) seeks spiritual, or goodly traits.

These five attributes — physical, physical temperance, education, social, and spiritual — make up the five areas of our distinct character. Developing and strengthening each attribute with equal attention and energy rounds our character and develops the discipline required to achieve assigned tasks.

Next time, we’ll begin a discussion on strengthening your character by tackling our physical attribute. But before we begin this discussion, complete the character assessment sheet (pdf file) below


and have it ready for our discussion next week. A personal assessment of your character and personality will help you understand what part of your character that needs to be changed, enhanced and strengthened (see below).

The more you shape your character to resemble the person you want to become, the more successful you will be in the achievement of your goals.

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