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Discipline to Success: The Spiritual Attribute

Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Building Your
Spiritual Skills

This is a continuation of a 2-week exercise to build the spiritual attribute.  We will continue our discussion next week.  In the meantime, below is last week’s discussion on building spiritual discipline.

Developing the Spiritual Attribute

Spiritual development is the increase of faith, virtue, patience, charity, humility, diligence and moral ethics. The spiritual attribute takes the most amount of energy to develop, while impacting your motivation at lower levels than any of the other four character attributes.

Spiritual development is mostly intangible. The time to notice a spiritual change takes much longer to measure. That is why you should develop the spiritual attribute last.

The steps required to make a spiritual change are similar to the steps discussed in the other attributes. There is a hierarchy in spiritual development. Select a level in the hierarchy that is challenging but not impossible to attain.

Select a spiritual change that you will want to make. Identify one spiritual change at this time.

Define the tasks that will achieve your spiritual development goal. Schedule time for the week, if necessary, to achieve the spiritual goal.

Use the concepts discussed in previous posts. List the spiritual development goal on the Weekly Goal Planning Sheet as illustrated here on Appendix Form-L. If you prefer, you can use the Character Attribute Development sheet from Form-E.

Continue developing and strengthening the physical, physical temperance, education and social goals from the last four chapters. You may want to increase the intensity of these goals where appropriate. Develop these goals simultaneously along with the spiritual attribute for the next two weeks.

Develop and strengthen all five attribute goals simultaneously for the next two weeks. Record your progress using your day planner (or use Appendix Form-E). Check the boxes at the end of each day noting completion.

Mark this page and return next week to complete Step 6.

— Mark Page and Return to this Section after 7 Days —

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