A Success Building BLOG (part III.d)

A Success Building BLOG (part III.d)


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The Justwyn Model

for Planning, Discipline, and Execution

“Nobody has ever expected me to be President.”
Abraham Lincoln

Part III:d (continuation from Part III:c)


Last time, we were discussing building a planning model using a pyramid shape object to represent 3 important concepts:

  1. the pinnacle: this is what you want to achieve in life — your life objective
  2. the body of stones: represents the individual goals that will help achieve your life objective
  3. the foundation: the discipline that you need to achieve the goalsBelow is the diagram of the model (called the Justwyn Model):

 Justwyn Model

Remember that the total size and weight of a model is only good as its foundation. If we represent each goal in our model as a stone with a certain size and weight, then large goals (stones) will bear a greater downward pressure on the foundation. To support the downward force, we require an equal and opposing force bearing up. That opposing force is discipline. The stronger our discipline, the greater the goals and objective that we can support and achieve — such as Dave Mansfield’s goal to become the President.

This concludes our discussion of the Justwyn Model. We will use the model in later chapters to apply the principals of planning, discipline, and execution. The important concepts to remember include:

  • The model uses the geometrical properties of a one-sided pyramid segmented into three sections: the pinnacle, body-section, and foundation.
  • The pinnacle section of the model lists the defined objective.
  • The body-section identifies the individual goals that will achieve the objective. These goals are then prioritized and placed in the model.
  • The foundation is the discipline comprised of five character attributes.

Let’s now use the Justwyn Model to discuss the first ingredient to success: Planning respective goals and tasks.

Here is a simple exercise that summarizes the concepts of the Justwyn Model. Let’s say that you plan to prepare a complete Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings and decorations for your family and a group of friends (Thanksgiving was just last week — so if you like, use this exercise to plan and prepare a holiday meal). Identify the goals that will achieve this objective. After you identify the goals, prioritize them and place them hierarchically using the model shown.

Think of the goals that would accomplish this objective (i.e, your to-do list). An example might include the following —

  • Prepare Relish Dish
  • Shop for Meal Items
  • Prepare / Cook Turkey
  • Plan / Make Decorations
  • Seat Family / Guests
  • Place Meal on Table
  • Set Table
  • Select Ingredients
  • Plan Thanksgiving Menu
  • Arrange Decorations
  • Thanksgiving Prayer
  • Make Pies / Cakes
  • Prepare Other Meal Items

Now prioritize the goals above and place them in hierarchical order using the Justwyn Model.

Remember that goals must be accomplish in succession, meaning that goals placed on the first layer of the model generally support the goals on the second and successive layers.

There is no correct answer to this exercise. You have the liberty to design a model that works for you. One possibility might look like the example below. We will use this example to design a similar planning model for your goals in the next posting.



Next time, we will begin buiding your goal plan.

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