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4 Year End Car Buying Tips

If you are considering buying a new car, the last week of the calendar year plus the first few days of the new year are an optimum time to buy a new car. The days on either side of the new year are counted with the most recent calendar year’s sales with most automakers vying to increase those sales before the books close on Jan. 2nd or 3rd

Consumer Tips

Is the Check in the Mail? How to Never Miss a Rebate

Is it worth your time and trouble to apply for a rebate? Do you really want to take time from your busy day to fill out forms, cut out UPC codes and round up receipts, knowing full well that six or eight weeks from now, you might still be waiting for your mail carrier to bring you a small check?

Consumer Financing

How to Save Money on New Car Financing

Tweet Still, there are ways you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your purchase by comparing prices, taking advantage of rebates and other special offers, and reducing

Autos Express

New Car Deals Remain Strong

Like many consumers, you may think that the best deals on new cars are offered at the end of the calendar year.

Consumer Tips

Appliance Rebate Program Overwhelms Websites

Tweet All fifty US states and six territories and the District of Columbia are participating in a federally funded appliance rebate program, one that has its roots in the American

Consumer Tips

Forget December! Car Deals Abound In October.

Tweet After tallying up September 2008 new car sales, automotive manufacturers quickly concluded that waiting until December to run calendar year ending sales just wasn’t going to cut it, especially