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Going Back Home For Mortgages: How Parents Can Help

Tweet By Sarah Scrafford, Guest Writer You would think that the process of buying a first home just got easy what with the slump in real estate prices, but that’s

Home Buying Relocation

Buy Now Or Wait? Timing Isn’t Everything.

Tweet You’ve sat out of the housing market for the past year as you wait for the market to hit bottom, though you possess the wherewithal to purchase a home

Debt Management

Out Of Debt, But Credit Is A Wreck

Tweet Those ads on cable television seem to be played over and over again: companies offering debt management solutions to help you overcome your financial burden. On the surface, they

Home Buying

Second Homes Equal One-Third Of Sales

Tweet The overall decline in the housing market has impacted the purchase of second homes, whether used for vacation or investment purposes, but the fact remains that one-third of all

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Foreclosures And A Lease/Buyback Option

Tweet If a court date has been set for the foreclosure of your home, you might yet be able to stay in your home after the court concludes foreclosure. By

Home Buying

REOs — Are They Worth It?

Tweet Home buyers looking for a bargain are taking a close look at the housing market and are witnessing some unique opportunities. For one, prices have fallen — dramatically so

Home Selling

Should You Short Sell Your Home?

Tweet If you are facing an irreversible financial problem, then to “short sell” your home is one method for possibly finding relief from an important debt obligation. With a short