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Steps to Buying a Home

So you are looking to buying a home. Let’s review the key steps in the home buying process. Let’s get you into that new home.

Home Buying

Its A Buyer’s Market For Home Buyers!

Tweet Friends of ours sold their house last summer and moved into an apartment temporarily as they re-ordered their lives. Apartment living has been okay for them, but they are

Home Buying

7 Steps for Buying a Home: Negotiating the Home Buying Offer

Tweet You found the home you want and now comes the third step in the home buying process: negotiating the price you will pay for the home. Certainly, meeting the

Home Buying

7 Steps for Buying a Home: Finding and Working with an Agent

Tweet There are all kinds of people out there who are willing to sell you your next home. Brokers, licensed realtors, a homeowner, your neighbor, or a friend are points

Home Buying

7 Steps for Buying a Home: Searching Homes

Tweet You’ve got the cash for a down payment and you making monthly mortgage payments is something you can handle. With housing prices depressed, now could be a terrific time

Home Buying

7 Steps For Buying Your Next Home

Tweet Whether you are a new homeowner or desiring to make the move to a different residence, the home buying process can be tremendously stressful. Searching for a home, negotiating