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6 Strategies for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

A direct mail campaign provides a great way for your business to get the word out. Such campaigns are low cost, have a far reach and can provide an excellent return on your investment.

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Is Groupon a Useless Coupon Site?

Earlier this month we ran an article on our sister website, SayCampusLife.com, titled: “How to Make the Most of Groupon.”

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5 Ways to Save on Food & Other Essentials

With oil now trading at more than $100 a barrel, fuel prices have shot up and appear headed to levels we haven’t seen since 2008. If you recall, that was the year when American consumers had a wake up call, realizing that groceries and other essentials were rising sharply as well.

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How to Get Great Shopping Deals Using Social Networking Sites

Tweet By Jessy Troy Who here likes to save money? I can’t see you right now, but I am going to assume that anyone reading this just enthusiastically rose their