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14 Must See Geneva Motorshow Attractions

Geneva, Switzerland is prized for its beautiful scenery, its global diplomacy and the city’s compact center where arts, good food and shopping abound.

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Consumer Reports Scores the Automakers

Consumer Reports has issued its annual “automakers report card” and says that Honda and Subaru scored highest in its road test and reliability reports with the Ford Motor Company showing the best year over year increase.

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Toyota, Honda Head Up CR Reliability Survey

Tweet Consumers looking for a new car may think that it would be wise to bypass Toyota given the millions of vehicles recalled since late 2009. However, those recalls haven’t

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Tried & True Auto Advice May Be False

Passenger vehicles have been made for more than a century now and over that time cars have changed dramatically.

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Ford Success Underscores Power of Private Enterprise

Tweet Make no mistake about it: the Ford Motor Company has been showing some very impressive results lately. Last year the automaker posted a $2.7 billion profit, a stunningly large

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Ford Wins Car & Truck of the Year Awards

Tweet The 2010 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) press days are afoot, but moments before its official start on Monday, the winners of the 2010 North American Car and

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Will Ford and Chevy Squeeze Toyota?

Tweet Now that everyone realizes that Toyota is peopled by mere mortals, the top selling car brand in the United States may soon be relinquishing that position. Through 2006, Ford

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Asian Brands, Ford Top Reliability Survey

Tweet Consumer Reports (CR) magazine’s 2009 Annual Auto Survey has been released, reflecting continued dominance by the Asian brands as well as good news for one domestic maker. In the

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Automotive Recalls Surge This Fall

Tweet Perhaps it is the season or maybe it is just a coincidence, but both Toyota and Ford have issued their largest recalls ever over the past few weeks. Ford,