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10 Types of Insurance You Should Strongly Consider

Very few people love insurance shopping. One reason for this being that most Insurance policies use technical legal jargon which often makes contracts difficult to understand.


Financial Planning: Four Tips When Choosing Dental Insurance

Dental care is extremely important to overall health, but also an aspect that gets overlooked since it is not covered by regular health insurance. Extra dental insurance is important to reduce costs of expensive dental procedures and make sure you keep up with dental health.

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Affordable Dental Insurance is Easier Than You Think

With the recent changes in health care, some people are wondering when dental insurance will receive an overhaul, especially concerning its cost.

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How to Curtail Your Dental Expenses

Visits to the dentist can set you back several hundred dollars for just an oral exam and a cleaning. Have two or three cavities filled or seek out other work beyond the basics and your bill can easily top $1,000.

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How to Find Affordable Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is the fringe benefit most of us want, but either do not have or isn’t sufficient for our needs.

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Simple, Smart & Savvy Money Saving Tips, Part 2

Tweet This is one in an occasional series of articles discussing money saving tips. Yesterday we looked at seven ways to save money, so today we’ll take a look at