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Credit Or Debit? How To Make Smarter Payment Options With Your Purchases

When you get done with your shopping trip, you are usually met with the question of whether to use debit or credit when you check out. While the question itself is innocuous, it does bring up a fair point.

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How to Respond to Debit Card Fraud

Tweet When it comes to debit cards, you may find that fraud isn’t as common, but it still needs to be reported and handled to protect your rights. 1. Notify

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How To Successfully Play The Rewards Card Game

Tweet Credit cards are the backbone of the financing industry, driving profits to those institutions who manage their programs well. Competition for customers is fierce and, although consumers typically hold

Credit Cards

Choosing The Right Credit Card Offer

Tweet How many credit cards do you carry? 1, 5, 10, maybe more? Most consumers carry at least one credit card, especialy when you include department store cards, gas station

Credit Cards

Interest Rates Down, Except For Credit Cards?

Tweet Short term interest rates have dropped by 2.5% since last Fall thanks mostly to the Federal Reserve Bank pushing its discount rate down to some of its lowest numbers

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Keep A Close Watch On Your Credit Card Statements

Tweet Scam artists may not be the only ones pulling a fast one on you. Have you checked your credit card statements lately? No, I don’t mean the amount that