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How to Pay Your Bills and Save Money at the Same Time

Tweet This is especially true for people who need to save money the most. Quick fixes like selling stuff online doesn’t ensure that you’ll be able to save money consistently.


Why You Need to Setup an Emergency Savings Fund

Tweet In this study 5,800 respondents were surveyed online; the respondents were required to imagine they had an emergency of sorts that needed to be offset with $400. Just over


3 Tips for Family Budgeting

Tweet I’ve put together a list of 3 tips that will help your household do its family budgeting in a way that is both effective and painless. 1. It’s a

Debt Management

How to use the Snowball Method to get Debt Free

Tweet Living in debt is no way to live It’s a sad fact this day in age that pretty much everyone is living in debt. The most common ways people

Credit Cards

3 Things You Should Know About Debt Consolidation

Tweet Despite our best intentions, spending within the limits of our carefully planned budgets is not always simple nor possible. With the rise of clever marketing tactics and easy credit,

Debt Management

Out Of Debt, But Credit Is A Wreck

Tweet Those ads on cable television seem to be played over and over again: companies offering debt management solutions to help you overcome your financial burden. On the surface, they