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Consumer Tips

Mobile Phone Insurance: How It Works

You are talking on your cell phone when you turn and notice that your three-year-old has decided to take a bath in the dog dish. Panicking, you slam down your gadget and in doing so its slides off the table and crashes to the floor.

Consumer Tips

How to Dispose of Your Cell Phone

Tweet Plenty of consumers get rid of their cell phones each time they renew or change their cell phone contract, taking advantage of the latest technologies found in new phones.

Consumer Tips

8 Money Drains On Your Budget

Tweet Are you coming up short every month? Are you living from paycheck to paycheck? Unfortunately, you are not alone. Lots of Americans aren’t just pinched—they’re feeling squeezed. Worse, many

Consumer Tips

Bundle Your Bills To Save Big Bucks

Tweet Consumers looking to reduce household expenses can find savings by reviewing their monthly bills and seeing which ones can be bundled together. In times past phone, cable, and cellular