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How to Avoid Committing Bankruptcy Fraud

Bankruptcy fraud is a federal crime. So understand how avoid bankruptcy fraud.


What Bankruptcy Can Do for You

Poor financial planning exposes many businesses to the risk of running out of cash for expenditure. Filing for bankruptcy can be the best decision to make when an individual or a business is facing serious financial problems.


A Consumer Proposal as a Means of Curbing Bankruptcy

Tweet What Is A Consumer Proposal? This agreement organizes for partial settlement of the entire unsecured debt owing. Filing for a consumer proposal automatically signs you up for paying part


Filing Bankruptcy: Do’s And Don’ts From an Expert

Tweet Some of the actions they contemplate, if they did carry through with them, would result in disastrous outcomes for their bankruptcy. What follows are five quick Do’s and Don’ts


The Emotional State of Business Bankruptcy

Tweet Filing for bankruptcy can be an emotionally turbulent time in a business owner’s life. Long-standing businesses in particular tend to be of high emotional value to their founders in

Bankruptcy Featured

5 Things You Need to Know Before You File Bankruptcy

Millions of Americans find themselves deep in debt with no end in sight. You are way behind on paying your bills, and creditors harass you at all times of the day.