Selling Your Home? Here Are 4 Options to Consider

Selling Your Home? Here Are 4 Options to Consider
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    There's a lot of activity going on in the housing market.

    Not only are residents and investors buying up properties.

    Current owners are also selling in huge numbers.


Save for a small dip in 2014, the sales market has remained steady. In 2020, despite the pandemic, 6.5 million homes were sold. That number is expected to rise beyond 2022.

What does this mean for you? It’s the right time to sell your home.

Here are 4 options to consider.

1. Sell For Cash

There are times when going through a real estate agency isn’t the best course of action. The extra fees involved along with needed repairs lowers the value of your property. Furthermore, if it isn’t in the best shape, then you don’t get the appropriate value.

You will want to look for companies that purchase homes by location by doing a search similar to “cash home buyers San Antonio”. Companies across your area may advertise with lines like “Sell My San Antonio House, purchase properties no matter their shape or the neighborhood.

There are no repairs needed and no extra fees. In the end, you receive a fair value for your home.

2. Sell On Your Own

Selling a house on your own is somewhere between going through an agency and performing a cash transaction. You want to maximize the asking price for your property. Yet, you don’t want to deal with the closing costs and other factors that lower the return value.

While running a house sale on your own has its perks, it’s harder than you think. There are a lot of moving parts, and you’re at risk of losing money due to unscrupulous buyers.

Should you want to do this, make sure you read up on the required processes. This helps the sale be a success.

3. Short Sale

There are benefits and deficiencies to a short sale. On one side, it’s done when you’re financially distressed. Thus, it saves you from a foreclosure, which causes a huge hit on your credit.

On the other side, if there’s a deficit in the amount the third-party institution pays to the lender, they can deny the forgiveness of the remainder. As a result, a deficiency judgment is passed onto you.

This balance remainder has to be paid to close things out. Then again, this is all moot if you live in a state where the difference in a short sale is automatically forgiven by law.

4. Real Estate Agent

Of course, going the traditional route of a real estate agent is still the best option. The main reason is they are subject matter experts when it comes to the valuation of your house.

Real estate agents know the neighborhood, the value of other homes, and what has sold at what cost.

In other words, they are in the know. Therefore, even if there are extra fees and commissions involved, an agent is worth it. In the end, the right one gets you a price that meets your remaining mortgage and more.

What’s your next step?

Now that you know the four options to sell your home, the next step is to research each one. This helps you see their advantages and disadvantages.

Here are a few things to consider.

  1. What provides the maximum value for your home?
  2. Are the repairs significant enough to sell it for cash or in a short sale?
  3. Are you able to get the value of similar homes in your neighborhood?
  4. Do you want to simply pay off the remainder of your mortgage? Or do you want to have extra funds?
  5. What is your timetable to sell your home?
  6. How fast can you find another living space if you sell your home for cash?
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When you’re ready to make your move, don’t do it without asking the respective organization hard questions. If you’re going it alone, then speak to a real estate agent or another person who has sold their home without help. Overall, don’t make a move without the knowledge in hand.

Finally, don’t let this hot market take advantage of you. The fact that housing prices are high doesn’t mean you want to gauge buyers. Be considerate and willing to deal.

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