5 Changes that Should be Implemented in Operating Rooms

5 Changes that Should be Implemented in Operating Rooms
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    Advancing an operating room's efficiency is imperative as it increases productivity and surgery success rate.

    Hospitals should embrace available trends to improve their ORs which benefits their surgeons, patients, and hospitals.


Below are changes that a hospital must embrace, hence enhancing surgical efficiency.

Five Changes to Implement in The Operating Room

Technology has eased life via the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Operating rooms benefit from the tech advancements as it’s now possible to conduct some surgeries that years back it was impossible.

Therefore, change is imperative and inevitable. Below are five changes ideal for operating rooms.

  • 1) Hybrid OR

  • Recent tech advancements have introduced interventional and imaging devices that doctors and surgeons use in the OR. Therefore, surgeons can handle highly complex surgeries, with the majority of the surgeries being non-invasive or minimally invasive.
  • A hospital must, then, invest in high-tech medical imaging devices like MRI and CT scanners. The idea is to elevate and improving surgical operations efficiency. Additionally, hospitals should embrace a hybrid OR as it helps doctors and the surgical team collect data for their future decisions.
  • 2) Operating Room Programs and Tools

  • Technology is changing, and gone are the days when devices in the OR were touch-operated. Nowadays, there are voice recognition tools that ORs should have, allowing them to control surgical devices and tech effectively and efficiently.
  • Operating room programs and tools help improve the OR’s efficiency as it reduces contamination. For example, when handling a device manually, one could aggravate the presence of pathogens and contamination.
  • The contamination aspect will imperil the ORs and patient safety. Through investing in OR tools like voice recognition, the surgeon will focus on their hands and patient, hence having the surgery flowing systematically.
  • 3) Introduce Robotic Surgery

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning has made automation a possibility in the operating rooms. As a hospital manager, you can’t afford to let this trend slide before introducing it to your hospital. Thus, managers should have intelligent devices in their operating rooms.
  • Precision and lowing invasive surgeries should be a top concern for hospitals, hence introducing robotic surgeries. For instance, when repairing a cardiac valve, a robot-assisted surgery will increase the success rates. Robotic surgeries reduce patient’s pain and recovery time.
  • 4) Smart Lighting

  • Lighting is the other change trend to embrace for an operating room. Standard lighting isn’t appropriate for the modern OR, hence the need to invest in smart lighting. The surgical headlight LED should be contemporary with additional features.
  • The LED should have minimal heat emissions. Additionally, the hospital should invest in a headlight camera system supporting video recording.
  • 5) Connect Devices to The Internet

  • Internet connection is imperative, and it helps support and implement the above changes. Thus, hospital managers should have a high-speed internet connection in the OR and, where possible, use a private network to avoid OR device hacking. The internet connection promotes data exchange from the OR to other hospital departments or between devices.

Tips to Improve the OR

Embracing the change isn’t enough to transform the operating room. Nonetheless, hospital managers should lay a strategy that will help motivate surgeons, assisting the team, and prepare patients effectively.

There is a need to advance the utilization capacity through working with relevant operational stakeholders. The stakeholders will present their ideas by assessing opportunities your hospital should embrace and the ones to drop.

Surgeons play a significant role, and collaborating with them makes things easier for patients and the hospital. Improving the physical and tech touch of the operating room isn’t enough as you need the surgeons.

other valuable tips from our business blog (new win):

Therefore, take time to understand your surgeons and acknowledge their personalities and individual needs. Every surgeon has their way of handling surgical operations.

Additionally, you need to garner sufficient data about a surgeon’s skills, experience, and competence. The data helps you to devise strategies to help each surgeon and to improve and advance their expertise.

Benefits of Improving The OR

Improving your operating room benefits the hospital, surgeons, and the patient. For instance, robot-supported surgeries will have minimal blood loss allowing a patient to recover fast. Consequently, the surgeon’s reputation improves, which also affects the hospital positively. The benefits are threefold.

The changes you introduce in the OR are fundamental to the excellence of the surgical operations. Therefore, read and understand the above tips, which will help you determine the changes ideal for your hospital and operating room.

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