Why Is Electronic Document Management Important?

Why Is Electronic Document Management Important?
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    Documentation is an integral part of any industry's daily operation, particularly those working closely with the public, such as the medical field.

    Unfortunately, the problem with the need for documentation is the paper that some still use and the storage that it requires.


Even in this digital age, some companies feel they are stuck dealing with paper to regulate their documentation.

Often businesses find barriers, whether financial, technical, or operational, that need overcoming before an electronic document system or EDMS can be implemented. But there are key advantages that should encourage a company to find a way to invest in such a system.

In taking the time to research various online services like https://recordstorage.com/services/electronic-document-management/, businesses will see how making a move to this an electronic document system can save them money down the long road. It’s a matter of looking at the big picture rather than merely what’s currently happening.

Why Is Implementing An Electronic Document Management System Important?

Technology has taken a turn to where offices no longer need to use paper for their daily operations. Most are going paperless, with a few struggling behind based on perceived barriers. In many cases, these perceptions have a basis in fear of letting go of their documents.

But what those companies aren’t realizing is electronic records are so much more safe, secure and manageable than the paper they’re protecting.

The reasons for implementing an electronic document management system is essential are many and include:

  • Space-Saving Benefits:

    Rental fees for office space are steadily increasing, as is the expense for storing documents. An extended amount of room is required for more and more filing cabinets as the need grows.

    A software-based system decreases the need for cabinets or storage space for paper or files and the boxes, bins, baskets that they sit in.

    This not only frees up valuable space in an office, but it allows for smaller real estate and less rent

  • Added Security/Safety:

    Privacy and security are imperative in any industry but particularly in the medical field for sensitive data. A data management system or DMS promotes control over these types of documents at a much higher level than paper can, not to mention accessibility control over individuals and groups attempting to view the files.

There are ‘audit trails’ documented of those who access the files, when they did so, and how or if the data was modified. These are exceptionally traceable.

  • Compliance Regulations:

    There is a level of compliance that needs to be met in various industries concerning documentation, which can prove quite complicated. When documents don’t meet those standards, fines are imposed, licenses can potentially be revoked, or worse case, someone can be held liable criminally. 

These systems reduce the likelihood of noncompliance with computerized records retention schedules and easy classification for new records, which can then be stored.

  • Backup/Recovery:

    Electronic document management systems will offer backup and recovery in the case of ‘disaster.’ Paper documents are typically protected from disasters such as floods or fire using digital archiving. In an electronic system, there is exceptional tracing and tracking within the ‘criteria range.’

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The claim is that documents that have been centrally stored can’t be misplaced once after viewing. These have a lesser chance for misfiling, but if that happens, finding them is simple through cross-indexing. The documents are instantly digitized/archived as soon as they enter the system. Read the specifics on what an EDMS entails.

For any business, time deems the most valuable asset, and in saving time, there is a noted increase in overall production. Having a productive, organized, more efficient, and faster operation significantly enhances employee morale and improves customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, this office is a success.

Final Word

There might be a misconception keeping your company trapped in the world of paper and all that entails. Ultimately it’s wasting valuable time throughout the workday, decreasing employee production, and causing you to spend excess money.

Implementing the right electronic document management system offers many advantages, most of all, an increase in funds by merely saving on unnecessary expenses. The only thing gained from not progressing into the paperless future is a loss for the full potential of your company’s success.

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