Communication Checklist for Financial Advisors

Communication Checklist for Financial Advisors
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    As events of COVID-19 continue to unfold, consultants have emphasized the significance of active communication with the customers and colleagues.


Below is a checklist to assess whether a critical step has been missed and to assist you and your team in developing an action plan.

1. Post Relevant Updates and Notifications on Your Website

Your site is the simplest external communication to bring up-to-date. It is also valuable to both your existing and potential clients searching for answers during this crisis.

  1. Edit your site’s homepage with a note to address any changes in your normal business operations because of COVID-19, for example, working remotely, changing opening hours, etc. You can do this by inserting a video, a message, or placing a banner at the top of your site.
  2. Update the contact page by adding other methods of communication/opening hours. For example, whether you are offering virtual meetings/consultations?
  3. Update the Google My Business Account in case your opening hours have changed. In case you do not currently own a Google My Business Account, consider registering your company with Google to turn up more often in search outcomes!
  4. Recommended: Update the blog during this time with other resources for the existing and potential clients.

    If you receive related questions about the effect of COVID-19 on the market or inform most of your customers about a similar topic, consider creating specific content on such issues!

    The more info you provide to assure customers during this crisis, the more value you will create for your commerce now and in the long-term.

2. Be Proactive in Communicating with Customers

Listed below are some strategies to help you stay ahead!

  • Email Your Customer Database

    At this point, everybody’s email inboxes are full of commercial coronavirus updates. The only email that your clients are looking for these days comes from the financial advisor.

    Please send an email to your customer’s database to tell them how to contact you, any information they want to share, and where to find surplus resources for their queries. (If you don’t currently have an email promotion tool, MailChimp is a common software.)

  • Offer a Virtual Meeting

    Interested customers, in particular, should know that they are given priority. If possible, expand the offer in your email so customers can book a phone call or virtual meeting.

  • Post Updates and Resources on Social Networks

    Update your social network platforms and link them to your blog and other resources that your customers and prospects may find valuable.

    In addition to your existing clients, other social network users currently do not have access to a financial advisor and are searching for helpful content online. While communicating with your customers is critical right now, using content to grow your commerce during this period is minimal effort.

  • Secure Your Website and Watch Out for Cyber Criminals

    Your network security is essential! Cybercriminals are on the rise in times of vulnerability and crisis. Remind your employees, teammates, and customers to be careful of phishing attacks masquerading in "COVID-19 Updates" and never open attachments!

3. Find Resources for You and Your Team

COVID-19 has made adjustments for many companies, as health professionals recommend self-isolation or social distancing to smooth the curve1 of the pandemic. The majority are trying to figure out how to become a successful financial advisor. Below are some means to keep you and the team productive.

  • Set-Up Your Virtual Workplace for Achievement

    There are numerous tools that you can easily implement to keep in touch with you and your team. Several tools include Google Drive (for file sharing), Zoom and Google Hangouts for video conferencing and virtual meetings, and Slack for daily individual and interdepartmental communication.

  • Stay in Touch with Your Team

    Staying connected to your team is vital during this time. Establish regular virtual meetings with a fixed schedule; this could include yesterday’s performance and issues, today’s goals, and any industry updates. Encourage your team to activate their video too!

  • Stay Informed about the Current Situation and the State of the Industry

    The COVID-19 situation and the general state of the industry are transforming rapidly. Find dependable sources of information, such as updates onFINRA COVID-19, and look for continuous updates.

Finally, the above checklist will be of great help to you. It will help you in becoming a successful financial advisor amidst this crisis. Follow it keenly, and you will get quality results.

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