Ketogenic Diet Foods – What to Eat and Not

Ketogenic Diet Foods – What to Eat and Not
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    You must eat whole, low-carb foods, such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, and natural fats, such as butter and olive oil.

    Stick to foods with less than 5% of carbohydrates.


Here’s what you shouldn’t eat on a ketogenic diet – foods with lots of sugar and starch. As you know, these foods have a lot of carbohydrates. Drink water, coffee, tea, or red wine (allowed in small quantities).

Stay with us to find out how does a keto diet work. Here is a detailed keto diet food list we prepared for you.


Meat is low in carbohydrates and suitable for a keto diet; organic meat can be even more beneficial. Do not forget that keto is a diet high in fat, not protein, so you do not need a heap of meat keto diet recipes.

Excess protein turns into glucose, which makes it difficult for the body to enter ketosis.

Please note that processed meat (sausages, canned beef, ham, meatballs) contains a lot of carbohydrates, such meat is better to avoid.

Fish and Seafood

Fish and seafood are ideal for a ketogenic diet, especially oily fish such as salmon. However, for the best keto diet results, you should avoid breading, as it contains carbohydrates.


Eggs on a keto diet are suitable for consumption in any form – boiled, fried eggs, omelet. Buying organic or pastured eggs may be the most rewarding option.


Do not be afraid to consume fats on a keto diet; most calories on a ketogenic diet should come from fats. Most likely, you will get the bulk of fats from natural sources, such as meat, fish, eggs.

Nevertheless, also use oil in cooking: butter or coconut oil, you can add a lot of olive oil to salads. Fatty sauces such as Bearn or garlic sauces are allowed.


Vegetables are an excellent and tasty addition to fats for consumption on a ketogenic diet. Vegetables are suitable, both fresh and frozen. Choose vegetables that grow above the ground, especially leafy and green ones: cauliflower and cabbage, avocado, broccoli, and zucchini.

avocadosavocado slicer

You can fry vegetables in butter, then add them to a salad dressed with olive oil. Vegetables add more variety, flavor, and color to your keto meals. Many people start eating more vegetables after sticking to the keto diet, as vegetables replace pasta, rice, and potatoes.

Dairy Products

Butter and high-fat cheese are suitable for the keto diet food list, and high-fat yogurts can be consumed in moderation. Ghee is perfect for cooking. Avoid drinking milk, as it contains a lot of milk sugar (one glass of milk is 15 grams of carbohydrates). Still, you can add a small serving of almond or coconut milk to coffee.

Be sure to avoid latte coffee (18 grams of carbohydrates). Also, avoid fat-free yogurts because they often contain a lot of added sugar. Keep in mind that regular snacking on cheese when you’re not hungry is a common mistake that can slow down your weight loss process. Some of the best keto supplements can help you to control your hunger at the beginning of the keto diet.

Nuts and Berries

Nuts on a keto diet can be consumed in moderation. Be careful when using nuts as keto diet snacks, as it is easy to eat much more than you need to satisfy. Also, keep in mind that cashews are relatively high-carb; pecans, walnuts, coconuts, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts are the best. Berries with low carb content are acceptable in moderation.

Spice & Seasonings

You can always consume cocoa powder, sea salt, cilantro, oregano, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, parsley, coconut, rosemary, turmeric, ginger, mustard, thyme, vanilla. Beware of added sugar and high glycemic index sweeteners found in prepared mixes of spice or seasonings.

Carefully study the composition of such seasonings. They should not contain sugar, milk powder, potato or corn starch, or monosodium glutamate. By the way, you can cook any seasoning mix yourself as well.

Keto Diet Drinks

Water is an essential drink on a keto diet; you can drink ordinary boiled or carbonated water. Natural flavors, such as chopped cucumbers, lemons, or limes, can be added to a drink with water. If you experience a headache or symptoms of keto-flu, add a little salt to the water to get most of the keto diet benefits.


To get extra energy from fats, add butter or coconut oil to coffee, consider the recipe of "bulletproof coffee." Please note: if weight loss slows down, reduce the serving of cream and butter in your coffee. Tea is a good drink on a keto diet, whether it is black, green, mint, or herbal tea. Do not hesitate to drink a variety of teas.

Bone broth is hearty, rich in nutrients, and easy to prepare. Homemade bone broth is an excellent drink on a ketogenic diet. Add a little butter to the broth for extra energy.

For Special Occasions

You decide whether to use the following products or not. By using the products described below, your weight loss may slow down a little.

  • Alcohol: better dry wine (red or white), champagne, whiskey, brandy, vodka.
  • Dark Chocolate: A small piece of dark chocolate with a cocoa content above 70% will not hurt you for sure. Try making a dessert with a small portion of grated 85% chocolate over berries with whipped cream.

What to Avoid On a Keto Diet

Sugar on the keto diet is strictly prohibited.

  • Eliminate sweet soda, fruit juices, sports drinks, and vitamin water. Avoid sugars: sweets, cakes, cookies, chocolate bars, donuts, ice cream, and breakfast cereal. Read labels on products and find out their sugar content, especially in sauces, seasonings, and drinks.
  • Honey and all kinds of syrups are also sugars. Ideally, try to avoid or limit artificial starch sweeteners. On a keto diet, you can’t eat foods with starch content – bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, chips, porridge, granola, and so on.

organic sugarfresh strawberries

  • Vegetable legumes in the form of grains or beans (peas, beans, soybeans, lentils) and the form of green pods (green beans, peas) contain a lot of carbohydrates. Small amounts of certain root crops (horseradish, parsnips, onions) may be tolerated.
  • Beer contains a lot of carbohydrates quickly absorbed by the body and is not suitable for a keto diet.
  • Fruits contain a lot of sugar and are not suitable for consumption on a ketogenic diet, treat fruits as negatively as sweets.

Healthy Conclusion

Focus on minimally processed, good-quality, natural food. Ideally, the products you buy should not even contain a list of ingredients, well, or this list should be short. Naturally, unprocessed food is what our ancestors ate for millions of years, and to which the human body has adapted evolutionarily. Processed foods with refined sugar, increase the absorption rate and reduce the number of nutrients in food. Thus, it turns out unnatural food for our bodies. And thus, there is a risk of side effects for health.

What is your favorite keto diet snack? Have you tried any keto desserts? Share your favorite recipe with us.

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Rachel H. is a keto lover who has managed to get rid of 40 lbs thanks to the keto. Now she is completely satisfied with her weight but continues to follow the keto diet and a lifestyle. Rachel knows a lot of different keto recipes and shares them in her keto blog with great pleasure.

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