Benefits of Owning Nitrogen-Filled Car Tires

Benefits of Owning Nitrogen-Filled Car Tires
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    Nitrogen is frequently used in NASCAR vehicles, but many drivers may not realize that this tire-filling method can work with everyday cars as well.


Even if you live in Florence, South Carolina, for example, you can properly fill your tires with nitrogen locally at a custom tire shop. Nitrogen-filled tires aren’t everyone’s preferred tire-filling method, but by learning the benefits of owning nitrogen-filled car tires, you can determine whether or not they can improve your everyday driving routine.

Consistent Tire Pressure

Over time, the air in tires seeps out and results in low tire pressure. This process is accelerated by factors such as temperature shifts, which is why nitrogen is so useful.

Because of how much larger the nitrogen molecules are, it will seep out at a slower rate. Additionally, temperature shifts will have less of an effect on the tire pressure with the help of nitrogen.

Better Fuel Economy

By maintaining a more consistent psi, you’ll maintain a more consistent fuel economy as well. Tire pressure and fuel economy go hand-in-hand in this situation.

Poor tire pressure can lead to poor fuel economy, but this can be hindered by nitrogen-filled tires.

Nitrogen will keep your tires more consistently inflated for a longer period of time, thus ensuring a consistent fuel economy.

Increased Vehicle Handling

Nitrogen-filled tires can also increase vehicle handling. Much like fuel economy, this stems back to the consistent tire pressure. By maintaining proper pressure, your vehicle’s handling can remain at its peak.

This is one of the reasons NASCAR racers use nitrogen-filled tires. Nitrogen won’t transform a minivan into a NASCAR vehicle, but it will have a positive influence on the handling.

No Water Vapor

Nitrogen is a “dry” air, meaning that it doesn’t contain water vapor. Normal air that usually gets pumped into tires does, on the other hand, contains water vapor.

When heated, the water vapor expands within the tire, increasing the tire pressure. Nitrogen will help keep that tire pressure consistent, resulting in a smoother ride.

How to Know If It’s Right for You

Some drivers have their preferred methods of monitoring tires that work just fine. However, nitrogen in tires can be of great use to some drivers. Whether or not you should use this method of filling tires is a case-by-case basis.

If you find yourself having consistent issues with the factors named above, consider if nitrogen-filled tires can be the solution.

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As you can see, the positive effect of properly maintained tires can have a noticeable influence on many aspects of your vehicle. Nitrogen isn’t necessary for vehicles, but the benefits of owning nitrogen-filled car tires are immensely helpful.

Rather than monitor your car’s tire pressure each and every month, you can drive with more ease when using nitrogen-filled tires. The tires will have to be refilled eventually, but you’ll find yourself filling them up much less often.

Image Credit: nitrogen filled car tires by Pixabay

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