Better Performance, Reduced Fuel Consumption

Better Performance, Reduced Fuel Consumption
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    High gasoline prices have many motorists concerned about their driving future.


One question to ask yourself is this: do you stay with the vehicle you love or do you trade it in for something that is small, fuel efficient and perhaps not entirely the kind of car you want to be seen driving?

Regardless, it is your choice for the vehicle you drive, but before you trade in your current ride for something you may end up hating, consider just how you might wring more gas mileage from your current vehicle and avoid being held captive by a car that you really cannot stand. Keep in mind that this is your car we are talking about, so stay tuned to learn how you can improve vehicle performance and save on fuel with what you are currently driving.

Fuel Prices

Understandably, the huge swing in gas prices has gotten you down. One year you are paying $1.49 per gallon for regular gasoline only to pay $4.19 the following summer. Today, gas prices are once again on the rise after flirting with the $3 per gallon level earlier. Talk about a challenge to the family budget!

You may have considering getting ride of your prized ride for a more efficient model, or curtailing your driving appreciably. You may have consider other means of transportation including the city bus, carpooling or even a bicycle. For many people these options are just not practical, perhaps not even unavailable.

Did you know that it is possible to keep your car, give it a boost in power, and see your fuel mileage actually increase? A boost in power does not automatically mean that you will have to put up with lower fuel economy, particularly if you install parts that actually work best with your ride, not against it. These include performance products that can go into your Honda’s exhaust system, including performance mufflers or an exhaust system that can improve horsepower and torque, while freeing up trapped exhaust gases that drain engine power and lower your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Performance Parts

High quality performance exhaust systems can go a long way toward helping you improve your vehicle’s fuel mileage. You will not see your gas mileage improve by five, even 10 miles to the gallon, rather you should see increases of up to 10 percent in fuel economy with a similar boost in both horsepower and torque.

Leading brands such as Corsa, Magnaflow and Dynomax should be considered for your exhaust system needs and may prove all that you need to help boost your ride’s fuel economy. Some of the more notable brands, like Borla, provide super extended limited warranties that can ensure you that your new exhaust system even outlasts the life of your car.

Of course, a new exhaust system by itself won’t be the only thing to help you save precious fuel. Replacing a dirty air filter with a free breathing cotton air filter is another option. Combining trips is yet another. Making sure your tires are properly inflated, avoiding rabbit starts, and keeping within posted speed limits are some others. Use cruise control when you are on the highway too.

Driving Habits

No, you don’t need to be rattled by the high fuel prices and persuaded to trade in your ride for an undesired city car. Instead, by outfitting your wheels with fuel efficient performance parts and by changing some of your driving habits, you can save money, get more power, and still have some fun in the process.

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