What is the Best Way to Deice a Car?

What is the Best Way to Deice a Car?
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    Ice on a car be a hazard, both to the driver and to occupants in other vehicles.

    Ice can obstruct your vision and if the accumulation is heavy, it may fall off of your car and harm someone else.


How to remove ice from your car.

What is best way to deice a car? Should you use a scraper? Is using water ever okay? These questions are what people tend to ask who are not familiar with the best ways of getting rid of ice. Let’s take a look at what some people do to remove ice and the effectiveness of each method.

Hot water — Absolutely DO NOT ever apply hot water to your windshield or other glass surfaces. The rapid change in temperature can cause the windshield to crack reports WSAV News. If water is ever used, it should be cold, but keep in mind that cold water can quickly refreeze.

Credit cards or kitchen utensils — Credit cards and spatulas are sometimes used to clear windshields. Although both may do a marvelous job of removing ice, each one can leave behind something you’ll regret later: scratches. There is a reason why ice scrapers are designed specifically for cars and spatulas for preparing food.

De-icer spray — Now here is one spray that won’t hold your hair in place, but will work well on glass, handles and locks. Visit your auto supply store (Napa Auto Parts, Advance Auto Parts, Autozone, Pep Boys, et al) and check out what they’re selling. Read the labels, but most any spray should be harmless to your car’s paint and useful for a variety of surfaces. Keep a can in your warm home — leaving the can in your trunk means you’ll be frozen out at the most inopportune time.

Heat it up — If you’re not locked out of your car, one of the fastest ways to remove ice is to get in, turn it on and activate the rear defroster and your car’s heating system. But wait at least five minutes to set the heat on as you could crack the glass. Brush snow off of the roof and then begin to work on the glass and then the lower surfaces. Once your car has been cleared, then get in and head out.

Spray it with Rain-X — You can’t keep ice from forming on glass unless you garage your vehicle. For everyone else, spraying the glass surfaces with Rain-X will make removing ice easier. Some people like to use a light, oily spray instead. Either method should work fine for you.

You may observe that some motorists place newspaper or tarp on windshields to keep ice from adhering to glass. Guess what? You’ll succeed in that endeavor, but then the ice will stick to the newspaper or the tarp and be even more difficult to remove later on. Which is why you remember to leave your wipers straight out when it snows or when an ice storm is expected to avoid having these stuck to the windshield too.

Finally, keep your windshield washer fluid full — you’ll need it to help clear your windshield.

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