5 of the Easiest Investment Options for First-Time Investors

5 of the Easiest Investment Options for First-Time Investors
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    As a newbie to the investment market, it's likely your head is swimming with all the potential options that are out there.


From real estate to options trading, there are many different ways to get a return on your investment. Here are five of the easiest investment options out there for you to get started with.

Mutual Funds

You’ve probably heard your parents speaking about mutual funds at one point or another. These are popular types of investment funds that are simple for a beginner to get into.

A mutual fund is essentially an investment vehicle that is made up of several securities. Basically, a professional adviser will pool together money from multiple different contributors. Then, they’ll invest the money in various securities such as stocks and bonds.


Real estate investment trusts or REITs for short are a way to invest in real estate without a traditional real estate transaction.

You essentially buy property with a group of people. The property is rented out and you will receive quarterly returns on your percentage of ownership in the property.

Investment Apps

There are tons of applications out there that can help you to start your investment strategy. Popular ones like Acorns will sync up with your bank accounts. This way, when you buy something, it will round up the total to the next dollar. It will take the extra funds and invest them in various stocks.

401(k) Plan

One of the simplest investments that you’re going to want to make is your 401(k) plan. This is a popular type of retirement plan used by most employers. You can specify how much of your paycheck you want to contribute to your 401(k) plan. Most employers will even match your investment so you can grow your account quicker.

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Getting help from a robo-adviser is a great option for those who want to invest their money but have little time to do so. You can fund an online account and have a robo-adviser control it for you. The robo-adviser uses advanced computer algorithms to decide on your investment decisions. You can typically expect the fee for a robo-advisor to be around .25 to .50 percent of your account balance per year when using one of these automated investment advisers.

As you can see, there are many different investments out there to choose from. The above are just some of the easiest investments for beginners to understand. As you continue to make investing a more regular activity, you’ll find that diversification is a must.

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