Branding Yourself for a Job Promotion

Branding Yourself for a Job Promotion
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    If you're looking for that job promotion or salary increase, or even a title change, there's a lot of legwork you should be thinking about how to prepare yourself for the next step of your career.


While time and work ethic are seemingly the greatest ways to influence your chance of a promotion, there are many other ways to stand out in the workplace, and show your boss that you go the extra mile and truly care about developing your role within the company.

Here are the best ways you can improve your personal brand in the workplace that will lead you to the job promotion you’re after.

Take initiative

A great way to at least start leaning towards a promotion is proving yourself as a great worker and going the extra step. Depending on your industry and discipline, you should start asking yourself about how you can take initiative in your day-to-day work.

Employers will often look at attitude and leadership as great qualities to reward with promotions, so keeping that in the forefront of your mind as you work will help give you the extra boost you’re looking for.

If you’re unsure where to look for these opportunities, don’t be afraid to seek out your colleagues or even your discipline leader’s help to see what kind of pockets exist for leadership growth or how you can help contribute to the overall goals and mission of the company.

Even if there are minimal ways to take leadership, expressing your desire to do so shows your enthusiasm and desire to want more out of your job. Determination and desire to achieve more, and making that visible can only help you in the end.

Look the part

Aside from expressing your desire to move up the totem pole with your behavioral patterns, matching your outward appearance can boost your likeliness of scoring that job promotion.

Serving as another means to show you care about how you present yourself at your workplace, and in general, maintaining that clean, sharp look is sure to catch the eye of your employer.

With that being said, it’s key to dress nicely to work each day and maintain your personal hygiene. It’s important to remember that you spend most of your time at work, so looking your best for your peers will contribute to that professional atmosphere that is desired by everyone.

For men, keeping a clean hair cut and taming your facial hair with precision razors and shaving essentials to keep a professional looking face. For women, maintain a natural look that accentuates your natural features. Your hair and makeup for a job interview should complement and not distract from your overall presentation.

You want to show your composure and attention to detail, while still allowing the focus to remain on your relevant work experiences and not your appearance. These details, while they may seem unimportant, will make you remembered by your employer.

Build genuine workplace relationships

Friendly workplace behavior and getting along with your coworkers is a great way to get noticed by your employer. Demonstrating positivity and getting to know your coworkers genuinely shows you have a real interest in the people you work with. Ultimately, these are the people that will help you grow and that will grow with you at your job, so it only makes sense to befriend them and create a bond with them.

Your job should not only help you grow professionally but personally too so connecting with your peers and bonding with them through hobbies or activities can make for an overall comforting and acceptable work environment. Plus, it will show that you’re a real asset when it comes to a positive workspace.

Master a skill, and be known for it

The best way to stand out among your coworkers is to identify and master a skill that sets you apart from the crowd. The best way to do this is by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses as an employee. From there, what skills and traits allow you to perform that way? This is what you should hone in on.

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Once you find something you’re quite good at, you should try and make yourself the go-to person for others if they have questions. Not only will this prove you have what it takes to care about perfecting your craft, but it can lead to mentorship opportunities and teaching chances that demonstrate leadership.

Being an amazing mentor isn’t always easy, but when you’re great at a specific skill, it will feel natural to teach it to others. Additionally, it will look great to your employer that you’re taking the initiative to share your knowledge.

There’s no doubt that finding your skill can take a little while but be sure to be always thinking about what it is that can make you stand out.

Ask for it

Well, now that you’ve done all of this to make yourself stand out, it’s time to go ahead and ask your boss for the promotion you’ve been working so hard for. When it comes to this, the best way to go about it is in a friendly way and should be an open conversation of honesty. In reality, your job promotion is in your own hands and the only way you’ll be able to control your own destiny is to be vocal about it.

It’s important to not be shy and if you don’t get the promotion after asking, don’t be afraid to keep asking and being persistent. You will never seem bothersome for trying to grow your career if you don’t ask and express your continued interest.

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