10 Tips To Take Better Advantage Of Your Action Camera

10 Tips To Take Better Advantage Of Your Action Camera
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    Taking photos and sharing on social networks is one of the main hobbies of the new generation.

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The quest for good photography makes cameras and accessories a hit. One of the darlings of the moment is the action camera, which is suitable for sports and guarantees breath-taking photos.

The main action cameras on the market are GoPro, Atrio and Mirage. They bring a wide-angle lens, which captures far beyond the direction in which it is positioned. Even with small size, the quality of the photos of these cameras is very high. In addition, they can record videos in HD or with 4K technology.

To learn how to make the most of your action camera, Noflufftech.com put together a list of ten tips. Check out here!

1 – Photograph the practice of sports

The action cameras are lightweight and sturdy. They are designed to accompany athletes and amateurs in sports, such as surfing, climbing and cycling. They are also good options for shooting or filming walks and trails. There are some accessories on the market that allow the camera to be attached to the helmet, bike or to the athlete’s own body so that the photos are like immersion in sports.

  • Do you like skateboarding?

    The idol of this sport, Bob Burnquist, developed in partnership with Atrio the helmet that accompanies an HD action camera, which records in high resolution the radial movements. It also captures ten different sequential shots with a single click.

    For motocross or bike practice there is the Atrio ES070 handlebar bracket . Easy installation, it is suitable for bike and motorcycle handlebars. Can be used on other cylindrical structures. This support is compatible with GoPro, Atrio, and other popular brands.

2 – Use the stick to take selfies

In recent years, a type of photography that has become fashionable is selfie : that photo that one takes from himself. With action cameras, you can solve the problems encountered in taking a group photo and framing them all.

When stretching the arm already it is possible to capture all in the image (and still space left). There are also accessories that help even more in this process. The most famous is the stick to take selfies, popularly known as "selfie stick”. Atrio has one of these. The Atrio ES080 selfie stick  is easy to install, fully adjustable, ruggedly structured and supports different models of action cameras.

3 – Take photos from different angles

Action cameras have built-in fisheye lenses. In the first moment, this can cause a difficulty of adaptation, since the image is different from those that we see in smartphones, for example. The fisheye lens has an angular view of 180 degrees, which causes the highest number of targets to be captured in the same image.

So abuse different angles to take your photos. If you want to take pictures of the landscape, the action cameras are also good because they can capture most of the environment.

4 – Move closer to the object to be photographed

In professional cameras or cell phones, it is common for us to move away from the object or a scene we want to shoot. This is to ensure that the entire environment is captured. But with the action cameras, however, this logic is reversed. The ideal is to approach the subject of the photo. Fans of this type of camera usually shoot less than 1 meter, as this is the simplest way to prevent their angle from encompassing more goals than their main focus. It’s not uncommon to take a picture in an almost-glued action camera on the goal you want highlighted in the photo.

5 – Have the camera in your own body

A good way to approach the object to be photographed is to have the camera attached to your own body. This is possible with Atrio’s body-type vest. The price is only $ 33.99.

6 – Enjoy the Wi-Fi connection

Most action cameras feature Wi-Fi technology and connection. Through the brand app, it is possible to follow the captured images and share, almost in real time, in social networks. Another feature is, before taking a picture or starting a recording, use the display that appears on the application screen to be aware of what the take will look like. This may be a good choice for camera models without their own display.

7 – Record your workouts

Do not summarize the use of your action camera when taking pictures. They also have the assignment to shoot. The newest ones already make HD and 4K video quality. How about recording your workouts so that later you can see what is wrong and where can you improve? These images can help you capture what you could not see alone.

8 – Shoot your videos at 60fps

Cameras currently have image quality in a variety of types, such as 4K, 2K and 720p. Experts, however, recommend that the best option to shoot is at 1080p 60 fps. This configuration brings good image quality and also ideal fluidity. Filming in 4K can generate some inconvenience when transferring and also handling the file, since the video becomes very heavy.

other valuable tips:

9 – Clean the lens

So your photos do not get full of drops or fingerprints, a good tip are to recheck the lens of your camera. An infallible touch is to use the tongue. And you did not read wrong! Licking the lens causes the drops not to stick together and you do not risk losing all the photos.

10 – Take an automatic video editing test

After you’ve taken too many photos and videos in your action camera, you’ll need to edit that material. Which demands time and patience? There are applications on the market that make this task easier for you. One of them is Antix , available for Android and iOS.

It monitors the movements of the videos by combining an effect for each moment, all automatically. Wonderful, is it not?

So, did you like the tips? So do not forget to buy your action camera and go out there photographing!

infographic by noflufftech.com

Image Credit: Pixabay

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