Fall Fun: How To Bob For Apples

Fall Fun: How To Bob For Apples


If you’re looking for a fall fun activity, bobbing for apples can provide lots of laughs for adults and squeals of delight from children, never mind a whole host of messy people!

Bobbing for apples isn’t just for Halloween, although if you’re looking for a safe, not-so-spooky activity for the family, then this is it. Besides, you have to think of something for your teens to do besides constantly texting each other, right?

So, how should you play the game? That’s easy:

Find a stable basin — You’ll want to use a wide, solid container to hold water. Anything that can possibly tip over is a bad idea, especially if you bob indoors. A steel wash tub works best, but who owns those? Fill your container half to two-thirds of the way full once you determine where it will sit.

Place it on a table — If you’re bobbing outside, place the container on the ground to make contestants reach down, even on their knees, for apples. Inside, use a sturdy table where participants can gather around without using a chair to stand on. Chairs tip over and people get hurt.

Choose your apples — Use enough apples to cover the entire surface of the container. That way, participants stand the chance to grab an apple more than a gulp of water. Choose apples you like or consider including one “bad apple” that won’t spoil the whole bunch, but will bring laughs when someone take a bite out of its sour sweetness. Remove stems so that no one picks up an apple apart from biting into one.

Have towels at the ready — Keep bath or swim towels nearby to clean up messes and people.

No hands, please — Bobbing is done with the mouth and only the mouth, with hands expected to remain behind the back or at their sides at all times.

Ready, set, go — Determine how long each participant will bob, using a stopwatch or careful counting before moving on to the next person. If you give everyone 30 seconds to bob, then they must pick up an apple within that time or go back to the end of the line. The winner is the person who picks up an apple the quickest.

If you’re grossed out by multiple bite marks on apples from different people, then bobbing for apples isn’t for you. Better to find some a more sedate game such as “Pin the Tail on the Donkey!”

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