Basic Winter Storm Preparation Information

Basic Winter Storm Preparation Information
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    Climate change all over the world means that one is bound to face a winter storm in America in his/her lifetime. This is why basic knowledge on how to deal with one is vital.

    Winter storms range from blinding blizzards that may last for several days to moderate snowing that may only be there for a few hours.


Regardless, one should always be prepared to handle such a situation. The following are basic things one either needs to have or do in order to comfortably manage through a winter storm.


  • Water – enough to last 3-4 days, at-least one gallon per person
  • Food – 3 day supply of non perishable food including baby food supply formula
  • Clothing – warm clothing is very vital to avoid hypothermia
  • Medication – enough supply for common illnesses like flu
  • Communication equipment – cellphones with their chargers, hand radio
  • Sanitation and personal hygiene items


  • petty cash for emergency needs
  • non-clumping kitty to minimize slippery floors
  • pet supply
  • first aid kit
  • copies of personal documents
  • multi-purpose tools


  • Ensure tap water remains flowing to avoid freezing pipes
  • Always keep warm to avoid frostbite and hypothermia
  • Open kitchen cabinet and bathroom doors to allow warmer air to circulate around plumbing
  • Listen/watch local new channels for up to date news and for critical information
  • Ensure that you have spare batteries for important electronics like the satellite phone


  • Use of gasoline or charcoal fueled equipment this is to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Driving because of the slippery nature of the roads
  • overexertion when shoveling snow
  • Unnecessary contact with cold surfaces and water


  • Winter weather advisory – expect winter weather conditions
  • Frost/freezing warning – expect below freezing temperatures
  • Winter storm watch – be alert, a storm is likely
  • Winter storm warning- take action, storm approaching
  • Blizzard warning- seek refuge immediately, strong winds and snow approaching
  • for more terms visit the official site for national weather


In conclusion, winter storms can come in various forms and severity, therefore it’s vitally important that people be prepared to handle it.

Proper preparation involves frequent monitoring of the ever changing weather patterns and being on the look out for abnormal sudden changes.

Key winter preparation: protect your home roof from collapsing from a heavy snow storm.

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On average, winter storms claim 10 lives per occurrence and this can be done away with with better techniques in handling ourselves.

Keeping warm at all times is basically the most important means of survival. Another important activity is information and communication as it can be the difference between life and death.

Ensure that there is proper means of communication in case of distress. Avoid driving unless it is very necessary and ensure there is a first aid kit in the car. Stay safe and always be prepared.


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  • Center for Disease and Control
  • Information on how to plan and prepare for a winter storm – WWW.WEATHER.GOV
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • NOAA Watch
  • American Red Cross
  • CDC winter prevention guide


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