Ways of Getting Creative with Employee Recognitions

Ways of Getting Creative with Employee Recognitions
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    Employee recognition is one of the most powerful ways of boosting morale in the workplace, improving employee motivation and efficiency, as well as fostering a better work environment.


Perceptive employees have long used milestones in the lives of employees such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, birth of children, or any other significant event to make them feel more invested in the organization and enhance their workplace engagement. Recognizing employees for their performance gives them the feeling that they are valued and appreciated and their feeling of affiliation with the company is enhanced. While there are certain events in the life of the employee that always merit the attention of the management for recognition, it is never too late to think laterally and creatively to motivate employees.

Record Dates in the Calendar

Of the most time-tested methods of employee motivation is to give them a small token of appreciation on their birthdays and marriage anniversaries. To do this consistently and without missing out on someone, it is vital to first ensure that all the relevant details are captured in the HR database and that the calendar is marked appropriately. While smaller companies can have this done manually, by somebody charged specifically with this task, larger and more distributed companies will have to necessarily automate the function with an appropriate computer software package. However, it is very important that on the day, the employee’s manager interact with him to wish him the best on the company’s behalf.

Plan out the Recognitions

As a concerned and considerate employer, if you want the recognition process to be more individualistic then the management should set up a small committee that can think about innovative and interesting ways of recognizing employees so that the process does not become predictive and boring for the employees. The group can think about building in the personal preferences of employees while recognizing them however they will need to keep in mind that all employees need to be treated at par, else soon there will be complaints of favoritism that will end all the good work intended to be done.

Adopt A Creative Route

The choices for making the day special for employees are diverse and only limited by the imagination of the implementing group. When it comes to recognizing employees for a milestone event in their lives such as a birthday or an anniversary or for excellent performance, most of the excitement and motivation comes from the creative or surprise element of the process. Regardless of whether it is a symbolic token like BSN pins or a lavish display of gratitude by the company, like all-expenses paid vacation, employees feel more charged when this is done in an innovative way in the presence of his peers and seniors. A mechanism for collecting and disseminating feedback from the concerned employees is also a very good tool to motivate the rest of the workforce. The process of sincere acknowledgement of employee contribution is extremely important for building loyalty, going far beyond mere financial rewards.

Ask For Organization-Wide Inputs

While the core committee needs to be small and agile in its decision-making, it should be representative of the organization culture to that it can represent the interest of all the employees across functions and grades. It should definitely not adopt a view from the top as else it will soon breed resentment that the management is being self-serving and not really interested in the welfare of the employees. When the process involve a larger cross-section of the employees, the results are often far more significant as there is a greater buy-in by the employees. The participative nature of the process is the secret of the success of the motivational push or else it tends to assume the form of a mere mechanical handout by the top management.

Author bio: Susan Devers is an employee-motivation consultant working with small and medium size businesses that are expanding fast. She has successfully introduced a number of innovative employee loyalty programs in her client companies, some of which have used recognition jewelry like M pins and BSN pins.


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