7 Tips For A Safe & Sane Halloween

7 Tips For A Safe & Sane Halloween
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    Halloween 2010 is on a Sunday this year, which means that trick or treaters will be out in force early.

    School follows the next day and parents will be eager to get their sugared up children out the door on-time on Monday.


If you’re planning to go from house to house with the kids, then it is good to have a plan in place and to stick to it. The following is our list of seven “be” tips to help you and your family have a safe and sane Halloween:

1. Be Mindful — Years ago, when Halloween fell on a Sunday, the trick or treating was moved to a Monday out of a respect for church-goers who attended evening services or preferred to keep that day holy. That practice has disappeared in recent years, but you may still have neighbors who prefer to not celebrate Halloween at all. In that case move on to the next house.

2. Be Tasteful — Kids dressed as ghosts or goblins is one thing, but when parents travel with their children and are themselves wearing a “Jason” mask, that gets to be a bit creepy. Take your kids door to door, but leave the mask for the adult party you’ll be attending later on.

3. Be Sober — Drunken driving seems to be a Memorial Day, Labor Day or other holiday practice, but Halloween party weekends are among the most deadly states the Shakopee Valley News. When out with the kids, do not assume that cars will stop when shepherding your young ones across the road.

4. Be Watchful — Bring with you a strong flashlight to light the way for your children. Consider giving older children their own flashlights and never let the littlest kids run ahead of you. Fallen leaves, cracked sidewalks and anything hidden in the dark can be dangerous.

5. Be Careful — Visit only homes belonging to people you know on Halloween. Do not allow your children to eat candy without inspecting everything before its goes into their mouths. When in doubt — throw it out!

6. Be Adventurous — Perhaps door-to-door trick or treating isn’t the best approach for your family. Some churches, civic organizations and even police departments hand out treats from the trunk of cars. The way that this works is simple: everyone drives to a central location, backs their cars into a huge circle and then they pop open their trunks to reveal bags of candy to hand out. The kids go from trunk to trunk, getting their treats from people they know. The Plain Dealer reports that the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office and West Side neighborhood agencies are sponsoring this sort of Halloween alternative this year.

7. Be Done — Some communities have a Halloween curfew, setting off town fire whistles at a certain time to signal the end of trick or treating. Whether your town has a curfew or not, plan to end at the hour you planned when you set out earlier.


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