How to Plan Your Fall Yard Sale

How to Plan Your Fall Yard Sale


Take advantage of cooler weather to hold your sale.

Summer’s heat means that many people are looking at doing anything but hanging around their homes, heading to the beach, pool or other “cool” destination. Within the next few weeks most of us will return to our usual routines, returning to school or to our regular work schedules.

September and October are prime months for holding a yard sale, garage sale or tag sale as temperatures are warm enough to make the event an enjoyable one for host and visitors alike. Even up to Thanksgiving weekend a mild fall day can offer a great opportunity for you to hang up a sign and sell your wares.

The following are some things to consider as you prepare for a sale this fall:

Pick a date — Choose a date where you can maximize traffic. Coincide your sale with a big, local event including a home football game or pumpkin picking festival.

Get licensing — If you live in a community where you must obtain a license for your sale, then do so right away.

Price your items — Well in advance of your sale, begin to price all of your items. You’ve already set to the side everything you want to sell, now is the time to research eBay to see what your stuff will fetch. Tag your items accordingly; consider keeping record of everything on a spreadsheet including the lowest price you’ll accept for any item.

Be selective — You may have lots of stuff to sell, but maybe not everything should be sold at once. Beach towels, swimming items and yard toys may sell better in the spring then in the fall. At the same time, you can sell winter and Christmas items anytime after Labor Day.

Consider advertising — Plan to advertise your sale through free sites such as on Craigslist, by word of mouth, and the strategic placement of signs in your neighborhood. Mark on a calendar the days you want your notices to appear online; update that information as needed.

Get some money — You’ll need plenty of cash on hand for the sale. Go to the bank and get plenty of ones, fives and tens and some loose change. Ask customers for exact change or small bills to offset the many 20 dollar bills you’re certain to receive.

Place your items — Strategically place items you believe will sell fast front and center. Hang clothes, display tools, showcase a science kit, place sporting equipment in one area and use other visual cues to attract people to what you have available. Throughout the sale be prepared to move inventory around as things move.

Final Thoughts

How long should you have your sale? That’s up to you. Local restrictions notwithstanding, selling everything before noon gives you plenty of time to clean up and enjoy the rest of your day. Plan to donate your good leftovers or, as the sale, winds down put everything in a freebie bin and let your guests take what they want.


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