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The Social Attribute

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Building Your
Social Skills

Developing the First Definition of the Social Attribute

We are reviewing the attributes that make-up a socially developed person.  We have reviewed (1) and (2). Let’s discuss point #(3):

1) A socially developed person has inner qualities that are attractive to other people.
2) Socially developed people force others upon themselves rather than forcing themselves upon others.
3) A socially developed person possess both leadership and follower qualities.
4) Socially developed people like and enjoy themselves.

3) A socially developed person possess both leadership and follower qualities.

Imagine yourself assigned to a group of five equally educated people. The group has been assigned to formulate a legislative strategy on a current issue now pending before the federal government. No single person in the group is considered an expert in public policy and no one has been assigned the group leader. You are to meet as a group behind closed door for two hours to formulate your strategy.

The next question is subjective, but how would you describe your initial reaction within this group? Would you be the first one to set the agenda? Or would you sit silently aside waiting for another person to step forward as group leader? If you were to describe the characteristics of a group leader, what words would you use?

Note that the characteristics listed range from one extreme to the other. The left side of the scale describes people who force themselves upon others. The right side describes people who force others upon themselves. Leadership can be found anywhere on this scale. People developing their social attributes should try to develop leadership skills that lean more heavily toward the right side of the scale.

Good leadership skills emerge by compromise. A group leader who is socially developed is not necessarily the person who speaks first; instead, the leader incorporates the views of everyone. They may direct the conversation and, if necessary, help select and support someone to be the spokesperson for the group. They may even emerge as the designated group leader, but that is not their intent. They are more interested working collectively rather than lead single-handedly.

On the flip side of the discussion, a socially developed person is also a supportive follower. Some people automatically emerge as leaders because of their background and expertise. A socially developed person accepts that person’s expertise and supports the leader’s decision. They will help motivate other group members to work with the leader and involve others in the decision making process. The socially developed person has no intention in taking command of the group. He or she will work as a team member supporting the decisions made by the group and the group leader.

You could build similar leadership and follower qualities as part of your social development goals. Incorporating a Win/Win social characteristic means building relationships and agreements that are mutually beneficial.

Next Time: we’ll discuss the final social point of this first social development position.
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