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Discipline to Success:

The Education Attribute

Educated men are as much superior to uneducated men as the living are to the dead.

The last two chapters discussed the physical side of character development and well-roundedness. We will now turn inward and focus our attention on the third level of the inverse pyramid scale, the education attribute.

Why is education an important attribute for character well-roundedness? The answer is elementary: education builds mental confidence and discipline to accomplish goals that require analytical thinking and knowledge. Education is mental exercise to the mind, just as physical exercise is for the body.

People who are physically in-shape have confidence that they can challenge any physical feat. Likewise, a person who is educated has confidence to express, defend and conquer analytical tasks. Physical and educational development work hand-in-glove. A person who is both physically in-shape and educationally inclined will achieve goals more quickly and with less energy than persons who only develop their strengths in only one of the two attributes.

Hollywood glamorizes the football star or beauty queen who is nice-looking and perfect in physical form. The analytical thinkers, on the other hand, are Hollywood’s nerds, with thick glasses and quirky personalities. Wouldn’t it be nice if Hollywood merged the jock and professor together? A film about a nice-looking football player or cheerleader who is also an ace in scientific research.

Perhaps Hollywood speaks some truth in its portrayals. If you were to judge most people, you will find them to be either physically inclined or educationally inclined. Seldom will you find people who have exceptional strengths in both attributes. But becoming an athlete and the school’s valedictorian are not required standards of character well-roundedness. Only a few gifted people have the potential to achieve both feats. Each of us, however, should maintain an equal balance between physical and educational pursuits.

Don’t confuse education with collegiate degrees and achievements. Scholastic degrees are individual goals that are part of your goal plan. Developing your education attribute means strengthening your reading, listening and learning skills. Let’s review some pointers that you can use to develop.

Next week: we will jump into each of these education attributes.

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