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The Social Attribute

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Building Your
Social Skills


Developing the First Definition of the Social Attribute

Sociable people are accepted and liked by peers and family. They possess a good or benevolent nature. They are considerate and helpful to others, giving of their service and friendship to all regardless of race, religion or economic status. I break down social development into four parts:

1) A socially developed person has inner qualities that are attractive to other people.
2) Socially developed people force others upon themselves rather than forcing themselves upon others.
3) A socially developed person possess both leadership and follower qualities.
4) Socially developed people like and enjoy themselves.

Let’s discuss each of these parts separately.

1) Socially developed people have inner qualities that are attractive to other people.

Consider for a moment the social qualities that are attractive. We generally enjoy the company of people who are friendly and fun. We like to be around people who have a sense of humor. We like people who are fair, honest and considerate to our needs and concerns. And we are attracted to those people who make us feel good and important. Now ask yourself whether you are friendly, considerate, helpful, and fun to be with.

Many of us probably don’t measure high on the social scale. We all have varying social skills, possessing both social strengths and weaknesses. Some people can be very friendly for example; but these same people may stick their noses in other people’s business. Some people display a great sense of humor, but also can be vindictive and mean.

Recommending the desired social characteristics could take a thousand pages of behavioral debate and discussion. I encourage research of materials that discuss social personalities and development. There are plenty to be found. But for our purposes in this chapter, I will use the following characteristics as a guide to strengthen your own social attribute:

Some characteristics of a socially developed person include —

1) Friendly and Kind:
• to people.
• to nature.
• to animals.

2) Develops Companionships:
• with people.
• with groups.
• with spouse and family.

3) Liked by Others:
• can develop friendships easily.
• maintains trust.
• builds confidence.

4) Fun to be With:
• smiles and has a pleasing personality.
• can laugh with others and about themselves.
• enjoys different kinds of activities.
• has a good sense of humor.

5) Charitable:
• good listener (part of the educational attribute).
• helpful and willing to donate (part of spiritual attribute).
• polite and considerate.

Any one of these qualities can be used as a goal to strengthen your own social attribute. Some the qualities mentioned are inherited, fortunately, like having a sense of humor and pretty smiles. But you don’t need to be a funny person to be socially developed. A socially developed person is someone who is friendly, who develops companionships, who enjoys the company of others and who carries a positive outlook on life.

Next Time: we’ll continue our discussion on the social attribute.

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