Thrifty Tips To Help You Save Money

Thrifty Tips To Help You Save Money


Are you feeling financially pinched? Are you getting sticker shock every time that you grocery shop? You’re not alone! Higher fuel prices and a flat economy are conspiring together to make many consumers feel ill at ease. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to manage your finances during these slow times. Let’s take a look at some money saving tips to help you keep more of your money.

Shop Elsewhere — It could be time for you to ditch your favorite grocer or at least take the bulk of your shopping elsewhere. Speaking of bulk, warehouse stores such as BJs and Costco sell just about everything in larger quantities saving you 10-30% on your weekly shopping bill.

Eat Out Less — Mostly everyone enjoys eating out on a regular basis. You don’t have to stop this practice completely, but if you are in the habit of dining out two or more nights per week, then cut back to one night and pocket the savings.

Work From Home, Carpool, or Public Transportation — Will gasoline well above $3 per gallon and the average commute taking a half hour or longer, the hit your pocketbook takes every time you start up your car quickly adds up. You may not be able to convince your boss to allow you to work from home, but you could show her that once a week makes sense. Otherwise, carpool to work or consider public transportation.

Stop The Plastic — Using credit cards can be an expensive habit. Using them and keeping monthly balances will cost you plenty. That 25% discount you got when you bought your new wardrobe at Macy’s disappears if you don’t pay off your credit card balance immediately.

Cut Out The Excess — If you have cable television, do you need HBO or cinema options? Dump what you don’t use and save $10- $15 monthly. For your phone bill, combine your phone, long and local calling, cable, and internet access to one service provider — save $30 to $50 monthly. Cancel whatever magazine or newspaper subscriptions you do not need, buy your lattes from McDonald’s instead of Starbucks, and use coupons when food shopping.

Pay Off Your Debts — Wherever possible, pay off a car loan, a credit card, or other debt to free yourself of a financial burden. Use the savings to stay ahead of rising costs and always shop around before making any major purchase.

Saving money comes simply if you are determined to find ways to curtail your spending. Saving a little bit here and a little bit there will add up, keeping you ahead of the game and removing much stress from your life.

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