Stashing It All Away In Your Cleaning Closet

Stashing It All Away In Your Cleaning Closet


This article is part of our ongoing home construction specification plan series.

Cleaning Closet

Assembling a Home Construction Specification Plan — Spec Plan N: Cleaning Closet

Today’s homeowners are very actively involved with the design of their homes insisting on looking over scores of house plans and having their architects modify everything to spec. It isn’t enough to build a house, it must be a home personalized to that homeowner’s needs.

One area where demand for additional space must developed is the cleaning closet. Yes, it is a dedicated area that is almost an afterthought for some homeowners, but increasingly an important part of the house for many people. Let’s take a look at the benefits of having a dedicated cleaning closet in your home:

All of your supplies are kept in one place and out of sight. Cleaning supplies from floor polish to toilet cleaners and everything in between must have their own storage area. Bathrooms can house some cleaners, but not every family with young children wants chemicals where little hands can reach them. Instead of putting childproof locks on your vanity doors, those dangerous cleaners can be centralized and put behind one door.

Laundry space is ample. Instead of a simple laundry room, a cleaning closet can include much more than a washer and a dryer. Add in a slop sink and cabinetry to house those chemicals and supplies that once crowded under your kitchen sink or were stuffed inside of bathroom vanities. Environmental awareness is important these days!

Hook up your central vac. Lots of homes today have a central vacuum system, just the perfect unit to keep your rooms clean without lugging around heavy equipment. Storing hoses and accessories can be a problem, but not in a home with a cleaning closet designed with the room that you need.

Stash those linens. You already have a linen closet, maybe two on hand. But, do you have all of the room that you need? A cleaning closet with cabinetry can house your overflow including sheets, blankets and even sleeping bags and related camping gear.

So, where should you put your cleaning closet? That’s up to you, but just off the kitchen is a good area for the first floor of your home while upstairs next to a bathroom can be another area for your consideration. No matter where you decide to place your cleaning closet, once in place you’ll wonder how you could possibly leave this off your home building specs!


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