3 Levels of Kitchen Home Improvement

3 Levels of Kitchen Home Improvement


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One of the most important areas in any home is the kitchen — the place where meals are prepared, served, eaten, and family discussions held. Even in homes with a dining room, the kitchen usually takes precedence especially in a kitchen large enough to hold a table and chairs.

Periodically, it pays to take on a kitchen home improvement project, especially if the cook is serious about his or her craft or the homeowner wants to update the room to keep pace with changing tastes and new technologies. Are you considering a home improvement project for your kitchen? If so, the following are three levels of upgrades you may want to consider:

Level 1 — A Matter of Appearances

You’ve lived in your new home for about five years or your last major kitchen overhaul was about that long ago too. Still, your kitchen could use a nip/tuck, if only to keep things looking fresh. Consider replacing window treatments, faucets, and wall trim. Repaint or repaper walls, replace cabinet fixtures or update lighting if you are looking at a slightly larger project. Now go out and buy that stainless steel kitchen ware you always wanted!

Level 2 — Interim Modernization

You aren’t ready to rip out your current kitchen just yet, but you aren’t satisfied with cosmetic changes either. Consider a new refrigerator, dishwasher and stove to replace your current units and take a look at the latest sinks, counter tops and cabinet faces available to you. Maybe it is time for you to add that island work station you always wanted or purchase that sub-zero freezer you have been considering for years.

Level 3 — Gut and Replace

Your kitchen not only shows its age, but it no longer meets your needs. You are well beyond an interim update — a major home improvement project is what you want, one that will include all new cabinets, appliances, fixtures, counters, furniture and possible structural changes. You not only want a new kitchen, but you want an all new look.

Most any kitchen home improvement project can add value to your home as well as years of enjoyment for cook and family alike. Simple projects can be completed for less than $5000 while complete overhauls can easily top $100,000. Look at the various financing options available to you to help make your kitchen dreams come true.


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