Achieving Something Grand: a Success Building BLOG (part I.a)

Achieving Something Grand: a Success Building BLOG (part I.a)


To Become the President … or something like that

I wonder what it would be like to be the President of the United States . . .

Giving my Inaugural Address in 20 below zero weather and catching a Harrison cold. Staying awake late that celebrated night sipping Polk Whiskey. I wonder.

And wouldn’t it be comfy to plop down on Lincoln’s bed? To whiff the back-room smells that Grant complained about for years? To operate the Hoover vacuum in my private quarters? It would be nice.

And yet, I wonder if protestors will heckle at my State of the Union Address? Would the city of New York be happy when I come for a visit? And could there be another Lee Harvey Oswald lurking in the streets of Dallas? I’m wondering.

Russia threatening their missiles up my nose. China painting the White House Red. America becoming a vacation resort for Cubans. I’m wondering!

I wonder what it would be like to be governor of California . . .

Reads like something Ronald Reagan wrote.

But it isn’t. This comes from Dave Mansfield, the fictitious character who is going to show you how to become the . . . or something like that. This blog entry discusses the 3-ingredient methodology for achieving success. You may define success as being wealthy, famous, or achieving a world record. But in this blog, we will define success as achieving something that elevates you to a higher plane. Successful people are more motivated, more disciplined and generally more satisfied with their lives than people who live from day to day without any sense of direction or self-development.White House

Take Dave Mansfield, for example. Success for Dave is becoming the President of the United States. Such high political ambitions, you may say. But this is Dave. He was born with a Republican smirk on his face. He grew up only a short distance from D.C. and, whenever possible, would take trips to stare at the White House that would someday be his. He rehearsed often the scene when he would light the steps of the Capital to his inauguration to be sworn in as the youngest, most dynamic President in American history.

Dave’s political mold began with his parents. He was raised in a conservative home that, along with his Southern Baptist Church roots, preached the anti-drug, anti-long hair and anti-movement that filled the streets of Washington to protest America’s involvement in Vietnam. “Evil was increasing everywhere,” he was warned. Young men such as Dave must prepare themselves to someday step forward and save America from its decay.

“Honesty . . . decency . . . integrity,” they would preached. Three words that became Dave’s inspiration during much of his young life.

Onto Politics

Like a child prodigy in music, politics became the driving force that aspired Dave to read, study, debate, and dream himself inside the White House. Nothing occupied his mind more. But Dave faced one minor problem. Dreaming himself into the White House with an “imaginary cabinet” was one thing. But getting elected to the office was an entirely different issue. He didn’t have a Kennedy name. Nor will he inherit a Rockefeller fortune. Though his father was honorable, Dave couldn’t piggyback on his occupation as a government accountant. His road seemed a little bleak. But, with a little creative thinking, coupled with honesty . . . decency . . . integrity, and of course a little luck, the destiny that Dave dreamed about for these many years was beckoning him to conquer.

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