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Execute Success: The Third Ingredient to Success

Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival. Sir Winston Churchhill

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Executing Your Plan

This posting places in action the final ingredient of success. The execution phase brings together the planning and discipline concepts from the last postings and pieces together a strategy for time management and execution of your tasks. Our discussion continues with Section I:

Planning the Major Tasks That Will Achieve the Benchmarks

The planning concepts for designing the Task Assignment Sheet (Appendix Form-J) can be found in Chapters 3-4. These two chapters discuss how to assign tasks that will help you achieve respective benchmarks.

Step 1:
Take Appendix Form-J and write on top the life phase and assigned years as illustrated. You may need several forms depending on the number of goal/benchmarks that you plan to work on over the next several weeks or months.

Step 2:
Review the benchmarks assigned for completion from the Benchmark Planning and Selection sheet(s). Select the benchmarks that you will begin working on. You may work on one benchmark at one time or several benchmarks simultaneously (diagrammed by the letter C in the illustration).

    Step 3: Take the benchmark(s) from Step 2 and list them with their respective goals on the Task Assignment Sheet as illustrated (diagrammed by the letter C and the letter B in the illustration).

    Step 4: List under each benchmark the major tasks that will help you achieve the assigned benchmark. Refer back to chapters 3-4. if you need to review the planning concepts for major tasks.

    Step 5: Review each major task. Determine how much time you will need to complete this task and schedule a completion date for each task.

    Step 6: Recognize what should be accomplished after you complete all of the tasks assigned. Identify the benefits that you expect.

    Step 7: You will repeat Steps 2-6 throughout your current life phase until you complete all benchmarks assigned for this phase.

    Assembling the Planning Kit

    You can now assemble these planning sheets into your personal goal planning kit as illustrated. The planning sheets from the appendix are sized so that they can easily fit in your pocket or appointment book. The goal planning kit is your reference guide on what, how and when you will achieve success. You will refer to this kit weekly as you plan the weekly and daily tasks in the next section.

    Next week, we will tackle Section II: Planning and Assigning Weekly and Daily Tasks.

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