Achieve More With Less: The Art of Time Management

Achieve More With Less: The Art of Time Management
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    Whether you’re a student, a full-time employee, or self-employed, you’ve likely encountered situations that require time management skills you do not yet have.


Life can get in the way, even when you try to leave it at home, and small distractions can pile up. The result is always the same: missed deadlines and goals.

It’s important to realize that this work skill isn’t something some people just have and others just don’t. It’s something we all need to practice and continue to work at, even those who have seemingly mastered it.

Follow along as I explore how to achieve more with less and practice the art of time management.

Create an Accountability System

Sometimes, we just need a bit of pressure to help us succeed. An accountability system can help you stay on top of your goals and better meet approaching deadlines. For example, employees can rely on time-tracking and management check-ins to identify the moments in the day when they’re losing time. The issue may stem from a lack of support in certain areas or a lack of training in others.

Of course, distractions can also be what gets the best of us. Knowing that someone else is on your team, waiting and watching for you to grow, can be the motivator to ignore those distractions and keep improving your workflow.

Rely on Others

Many people feel that they must do every aspect of their work on their own to have truly earned the success that comes with finishing the task at hand. However, if you constantly find yourself running out of time on big projects, it may be necessary to start turning to others for help. In some cases, you may be able to share the work. And, if you can’t relinquish any aspects of your project, you can still ask for another set of eyes on your workflow to help identify opportunities.

Even business owners working alone can implement this change to better manage their time. For some businesses, there is a sense of pressure to be wholly unique, both in the products they create and the means they use to sell them. However, if you keep hitting creative roadblocks that suck up your time, give yourself permission to look at the successes of others. For example, you can use similar tips for creating captivating packaging that other businesses rely on instead of trying to invent entirely new designs. You can also turn to other business owners and ask for their advice on challenges that are turning into time sinks, whether they have to do with social media, sales APIs, or otherwise.

Give Yourself Grace

Above all, it’s important to give yourself grace and see time management as an art form to practice, not something you should inherently expect yourself to have. This skill is essential for achieving a more balanced work life, but mastering it will take time. And, as a leader with plenty on your plate, there will be days where you don’t manage time as well as others, and that’s OK. Celebrate where you succeed, and if you continue to struggle, remember to reach out to others. A bit of coaching, some advice, and plenty of practice will set you on the path to growth.

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